GamesRadar Constructs a Rock Solid Dragon Quest Builders Review

Classic Dragon Quest charm fused with a wonderfully rewarding building mechanic!

Classic Dragon Quest charm fused with a wonderfully rewarding building mechanic!

When we say the words “Dragon Quest,” most veteran gamers think of the classic role-playing structure (despite the significant changes brought about by a recent entry, Dragon Quest Heroes). They certainly aren’t thinking about a game like Minecraft, right? Well, what if the legendary RPG series went the building route and the end result was an excellent “building” RPG for people who actually don’t like Minecraft?

According to a great review at GamesRadar, that’s precisely what we get from Dragon Quest Builders, an appealing blend of action/RPG and crafting that retains all that lovely DQ charm. Critic David Roberts makes a point of explaining why this particular game is very different from the likes of Minecraft, which is critical given the thoughts that pop into a gamer’s head upon seeing the title. Not only do we get a detailed clarification but we also get an excellent mix of subjective and objective analysis, and a proper examination of both gameplay systems. When we’re done reading, we know exactly what to expect in terms of combat, strategy, and building.

And that’s why it’s our favorite DQB analysis. Congrats, David!

Why We Like It:

— It’d be all too easy to keep comparing the game to Minecraft and other such titles, but it’s great that we get a focused review that tackles the game’s original gameplay blending.

Nicely structured and appealing to read, which keeps us moving from paragraph to paragraph.

With distinctly different gameplay systems, it’s important to get a complete analysis of both, and we get that here. Those not quite sure what to expect from the title will have all the info they need when they’re done reading.

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2 thoughts on “GamesRadar Constructs a Rock Solid Dragon Quest Builders Review”

Man, I miss Dragon Quest…haven’t played one since loving DQVIII on PS2 all those years ago. And then when it finally comes back to PlayStation it’s in the form of that crap-ass pseudo-action game Dragon Quest Warriors. ‘sigh’

I really want to try this but I’m afraid if I love it, it’ll end up owning my life for like a year and I’d never play all the other games I want to play. 😛

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