GamesRadar’s Call of Duty: World War II Review Is A Definite Bullseye

It’s November and to millions of die-hard fans around the world, that means just one thing: A new Call of Duty hits store shelves.

The immensely popular franchise has experienced its ebbs and flows in recent years and this time, the developers decided to return the game to its roots…after a fashion. This means heading back to the traditional FPS setting, World War II.

But it doesn’t mean the gameplay has reverted to an old-fashioned style; rather, the team at Sledgehammer Games wanted to produce a winning FPS with a familiar setting and the necessary upgrades and updates. Did it work?

For that answer, we suggest turning to GamesRadar, where critic Leon Hurley produced a fantastic evaluation of Call of Duty: World War II. If you want to know what’s different, what has been improved, and what still needs work, this is the review for you.

From the very first sentence, we know the focus of the analysis is on “what’s different.” Furthermore, we get an appropriate analysis of both the ambitious single-player campaign and the title’s bread-and-butter, the multiplayer action. Balancing these two elements in a review can be tough, but it’s done very well here.

Congrats, Leon! This is his second nod here at VGRHQ; he was first recognized for his excellent Hitman: Episode One review.

Why We Like It:

Immediately focuses on the biggest and most important question gamers have concerning the new installment. And the ensuing text doesn’t fail on that promise.

Plenty of gameplay-centric detail, which gives us a great idea of what to expect. And the analysis remains objective and nicely structured throughout, too.

Dedicates a fair amount of time to both the campaign and multiplayer; the reader doesn’t feel the critic skimped on either element, which happens far too often.

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