GamesRadar’s Middle-earth Review Brings the Game to Life

This action/adventure blend has a ton of appeal for all you LotR aficionados.

This action/adventure blend has a ton of appeal for all you LotR aficionados.

When you read a review, you want to get a feel for the game. You don’t merely want an objective, point-by-point analysis. As important as that is, a proper entertainment review needs to be entertaining. If it’s boring, you lose the reader, who will simply look at the score and move along.

For a game that focuses on the legendary lore from fantasy master J.R.R. Tolkien, a critic must attempt to reflect this hugely immersive atmosphere. Perhaps the best example of this can be found at GamesRadar, where critic Lucas Sullivan delivers a charismatic and highly informative review for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

From the first sentence, the reader is intrigued. “This is a game I have to learn more about,” that reader says. In an industry were video reviews and a constant stream of visual data gives gamers just about everything they need, it’s great to see critics still embracing the literal side.


Why We Like It:

The personal bent: The reviewer adopts a more personal approach to this review, which was a good idea. It allows readers to identify with the emotional attachment one might feel in regards to the protagonist and his trials.

— With a game so huge, it can be difficult to produce a precise, comprehensive review that doesn’t wander all over the place. This is a well-paced, well-constructed analysis.

— It’s clear that the critic in question spent a fair amount of time with the game, which is essential for such an in-depth experience. The reader believes he or she is reading an expert, informed review.

Congrats, Lucas!

Read Lucas Sullivan’s Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Review Now

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I had my holiday schedule all planned out. I wasn’t expecting this game to be any good but it’s getting GREAT reviews.

‘sigh’ So many good games, not enough time. 🙁

Now I need to play it. As TRSlayer said: DAMNIT. LOL


I’ll be getting it later tonight and I’m so stoked by the reviews!

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