GamesRadar’s Sweet Hitman Review Hits The Spot

Agent 47 is back in this new episodic adventure and it's awfully engaging.

Agent 47 is back in this new episodic adventure and he’s deadlier than ever!

It’s one of the most respected franchises in video game history (we’ll try to forget the crappy movies), so when a new entry arrives, everyone is interested to see how Agent 47 fares. And while there is some critical dissension surrounding the first episode of the latest Hitman adventure, the majority of reviewers seem to enjoy IO Interactive’s offering.

Take GamesRadar, for instance: Not only does critic Leon Hurley tell us everything we need to know about this compelling introductory episode, but we also get a distinct scent of enthusiasm, which permeates the entire review. Now, love it or hate it, we believe this enthusiasm should be there in every review because it engages the reader. Even if the game is the biggest “meh” experience the critic has ever had, he or she still needs to be creative in presenting gamers with the evaluation. Make us want to read it!

And that’s exactly what we get with Hurley’s analysis, which is full of great subjective and objective analysis, and continually hooks us with his personal reactions, which balance out the more technical details. Not only do we get a solid overview of the game in question but we also get a well-written, nicely structured article that keeps us moving from paragraph to paragraph.

Congrats, Leon!

Why We Like It:

Any avid gamer will want to read more after the first couple of paragraphs. As with any form of writing or journalism, know your audience and nail ’em early.

— Understands what people will be looking for in this game, as it’s both episodic and highly stealth-oriented. In other words, the review is written with a clear understanding of the intended audience.

— There’s plenty of information but we also get a nice balance of basic tech/gameplay details and subjective reaction, which always makes for an entertaining and highly readable review.

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3 thoughts on “GamesRadar’s Sweet Hitman Review Hits The Spot”

I really want to try this but I also want to wait until I can play the WHOLE GAME.

I can’t stand this new episodic structure. It only works for certain styles of gameplay. And Hitman should be more of a story-driven experience (which this isn’t, so maybe it’ll work better for episodic).

I’m with you. I hate the idea of playing certain games piecemeal and when it comes to something like Hitman, I want the entire adventure out of the gate. Wait a year? No.

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