GamingBolt: Deus Ex: The Fall Should’ve Remained Mobile

Ports are pretty common these days but sometimes, titles should just stay where they are.

Deus Ex: The Fall originally launched in the mobile space, and it was recently ported to PC. How does the port fare? Well, in the eyes of one critic, it really should’ve stayed in the Android/iOS realm.

Some games just shouldn't be ported...

Some games just shouldn’t be ported…

GamingBolt’s Kurtis Simpson penned a great analysis of this port, and it’s well worth a read. It’ll tell you everything you need to know and when you’re finished, you’ll realize one thing:

You really want a true-blue next-genĀ Deus Ex announcement…soon.

Read Kurtis Simpson’s Deus Ex: The Fall PC review here!

Why We Like It:

— An overarching feeling of disappointment makes the reader come away with the correct feeling. The game has its good points, but we’re always reminded that unfortunately, the bad points take precedence.

— Balancing the personal experience with the objective analysis. Not everyone does this well; the balance here is pretty darn good.

— A detailed explanation concerning the significant differences between the mobile and PC version, and why the latter suffers. This is imperative for all port reviews.

‘gives Kurtis a slap on the back’

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