Gee, Microsoft Sure Gets Quiet When They’re Losing

Where's Microsoft swagger this generation?

Where’s Microsoft swagger this generation?

I was covering gaming industry news throughout the majority of the previous generation. I remember well the hate campaign that followed PlayStation 3 for nearly a year after it launched (during the first part of 2007, you couldn’t go more than a few days without seeing a “PlayStation is dead” headline or some such nonsense). I also remember the catastrophic reliability of what is now widely regarded as the least reliable video game console of all time, the Xbox 360. Of course, the Microsoft hype wagon – and the company’s refusal to fix the Red Ring of Death in order to artificially inflate hardware sales – let 360 dominate.

Well, that and the the fact that 360 beat PS3 to market by a full year, and Sony’s platform was overpriced and not well supported at launch. The point is, ever since the original Xbox, when Microsoft went around saying it was the “most powerful console on the market,” M$ has been all about positive promotion. They’ve bragged, they’ve postured, they’ve crowed, and yes, they’ve mocked the competition. Even top Microsoft executives weren’t above mudslinging in the face of Sony, especially in the early PS3 years. But we’ve seen a reversal in this new generation and lo and behold, Microsoft is suddenly as quiet as a mouse.

It’s actually kind of pathetic. It’s the way a seven-year-old reacts to things. When he’s winning, he’s bouncing around and bragging and making fun of others, all pleased with himself. When he’s losing, he’s quiet and sullen, and he pretends he doesn’t care. Like when Microsoft won’t release hard numbers for Xbox One sales, and we all know it’s because they’re losing. You may notice that exact sales updates only happen on those rare occasions when Xbox One surges ahead of PS4. Then they make multiple statements about how the numbers don’t really matter, when they just spent an entire generation jamming numbers down our throats virtually every week.

Microsoft's hype wagon has gone into hiding.

Microsoft’s hype wagon has gone into hiding.


Personally, I knew M$ cared nothing for the gamer when they first revealed Xbox One. Their original plan made it clear that every consumer was nothing more than a potential sale, and they’d implement any form of manipulation possible to get that number. I’m betting they were surprised at the immense backlash and if they hadn’t backtracked and recanted big time, Xbox One would’ve been an abject failure out of the gate. But the system is doing better now, especially this holiday season with several big exclusives, and it’s likely Microsoft will close the gap. PS4 probably won’t sell as well simply because it doesn’t have the necessary exclusives this year.

Next year is a very different story, though, and with both systems priced the same, well…  I just find it funny that you see very, very few comments from Microsoft concerning their lagging this generation. They’ve been nice enough to congratulate Sony a few times, which I do respect, but you can’t pull this sort of 180 without anyone noticing. It wasn’t that long ago that you kept telling everyone how many Xbox 360 were flying off store shelves, especially in the US, and how they were basically the future of gaming. Now you’ve got nothing to say. And it’s funny.

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Oh man, I remember those “PlayStation is dead” articles. They were fucking EVERYWHERE.

And PS3 ended up selling what, 84 million or something? Even beating Xbox 360 by a few million? Hilarious.

Xbox did it to themselves. Maybe they know the only reason Xbox One is losing is because M$ screwed themselves over and the fans made them pay. I have zero problem with that.

Hate M$ anyway.

I’ve despised M$ since way before the original Xbox showed up so I don’t care and I’m not surprised. At least Sony shows they care a little bit about gamers every now and then, even though obviously both companies are in business to make money.

Does anybody even pay attention when Microsoft talks anymore?

It’s always been a pile of crap that issues from their mouth. Nothing has changed. They just talk less trash now because they’re losing and that’s that.

This is some kind of revelation?

author may wanna hide that bias he’s showing and doing a little fact checking as well.

“Of course, the Microsoft hype wagon – and the company’s refusal to fix the Red Ring of Death in order to artificially inflate hardware sales – let 360 dominate.”

Let’s fact check this, I’m pretty Microsoft gave every owner of the 360 a 3 year extended warranty, which included launch consoles. What did Sony give when PS3’s started giving up the ghost with their “YLOD”?

I’ll tell you this, my year old xbox 360 got fixed when it e74’ed, my 2 year old Ps3 got thrown away when it YLOD.

I find it funny, that Sony fans are hyping up the PS4’s sales, when the PS3 was lagging behind most would say sales don’t matter, only the games. Guess PS4 doesn’t matter this holiday season to you, eh?

“Let’s fact check this, I’m pretty Microsoft gave every owner of the 360 a 3 year extended warranty, which included launch consoles. What did Sony give when PS3’s started giving up the ghost with their “YLOD”?”

LOL Yeah, you should fact-check that, Xbot. Microsoft didn’t offer that warranty until YEARS after the system was out, and well after most owners had gone through two, three, four, even five consoles (either being forced to buy new ones or paying $150 to get it fixed).

The RRoD resulted in a 35 percent defective rate as reported by five of the largest retailers in the world. That’s catastrophic and why the 360 is widely considered to be one of the worst consumer products in history. YLoD barely moved the meter in terms of defective returns; it was a drop in the ocean compared to the mess that was the 360.

It’s hilarious that Xboys still show up to defend their precious system, even after M$ has proven they care nothing about gamers, consistently rips them off at every turn, and then goes all quiet like a bratty four-year old when they get beaten.

Try closer to 24%, still far too high but not as high as many Sony fanboys attempt to make it sound, and like I said, Sony wasn’t innocent of this completely. At least Microsoft did fix things, Sony just said screw you.

As for not offering the warranty for years after the console launched, The console launched Nov. 22 2005, and the warranty was implemented July 2007. 1 1/2 years, not the ‘years’ you make it sound like. The warranty was retroactive and did cover ALL launch consoles. So, perhaps you could have had a 6 months window where they wouldn’t have fixed your system for free.

If anyone was stupid enough to go out and purchase another console instead of getting it fixed, thats their fault not MS’s. I’m sure that 6 months of lacking warranty was enough to artificially inflate the sales numbers of Xbox 360.

You’re wrong about the 3 year warranty. I was one of the early 360 adopters. I actually bought one at launch. 9 months in I got RROD. Called up Microsoft and they had me send it in. I get it back a few weeks later with a letter telling me the console couldn’t be repaired so they sent me a new one. Fine, no problem with that.

4 months later I get RROD again. So I call again. This time, they tell me my system is out of warranty since it’s been 13 months. I ask how, considering this isn’t even the same console, they even told me it was a new one. Well, as it turns out, the new console falls under the warranty of the first console. But they’d gladly fix it for me for $150.

I told the lady forget it. I remember she asked me “Well what are you going to do, then?” And I replied “I’m just going to go buy a PS3.”

And I did. Threw my 360 away, sold the controller, games, whatever else I had and never looked back. And I still have that 60GB phat.

That’s what this article is talking about when they refer to M$ and their shady business. The 360 was a certifiable piece of shit and I know that from experience.

That’s also how you lose customers for life. Don’t trust them and never will.

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