Giant Bomb’s Fantastic Hellblade Review Is A Cut Above

There are some gamers and designers who believe video games shouldn’t focus on story, character development, dramatic impact, etc. They say if you want that, you should just go read a book. They say it’s the purist approach to gaming.

But in reality, all forms of entertainment should grow and transform as society and the audience grows and transforms. And if you keep the old tried-and-true formulas while branching out into fresh avenues, we simply end up with a more diverse and intriguing medium. That is what has happened to gaming in the past few decades, whether the “purists” like it or not.

Ninja Theory’s freshly released Hellblade is a great example of gaming being a narrative storytelling medium, with a main character and a plot taking center-stage. It follows the story of a psychologically damaged young woman battling her own demons and thus far, critics are saying it’s a definite winner. Our favorite review can be found over at Giant Bomb, if you’re intrigued by the adventure’s premise.

Critic Brad Shoemaker writes up a stellar analysis of the game in question, delivering an all-encompassing and occasionally poetic review that perfectly encapsulates the experience that is Hellblade. The evaluation understands the goals of the developers and therefore spends the majority of the time talking about the story, and how it works in an interactive environment.

And then it weaves in the gameplay (this remains an interactive medium, after all), while making it clear what the player should expect. The result is a nicely structured and paced review that accurately pinpoints the product’s intentions and embraces the title’s heavily atmospheric and cerebral theme. Congrats, Brad!

Why We Like It:

Understands precisely what the developers were going for, and therefore crafts a review that correctly tackles the big question: Did the developers succeed in their ambitious quest?

Very well structured and paced, as the reader should know exactly what to expect – in terms of style, story, environment, gameplay, etc. – when he or she is done reading.

Reflects the artistic nature of the game with an artistically-inspired analysis, which is the right approach.

Read Brad Shoemaker’s Hellblade Review Now

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