Giant Bomb’s Street Fighter V Review KOs Competition

It's flashy and fun but it does fall short in a few key areas, unfortunately.

It’s flashy and fun but it does fall short in a few key areas, unfortunately.

Hardcore fighting fans can be extremely loyal but at the same time, awfully demanding. If you deliver the goods, they will play the game quite literally forever (hell, I know people who still actively play Street Fighter II Turbo); if you don’t, they won’t ever let you forget it. The latest installment in the esteemed fighting franchise falls somewhere in between, as it has earned significant acclaim but we’re also seeing plenty of merely average reviews.

Take, for example, the excellent evaluation we found at Giant Bomb. Critic Jason Oestreicher writers up a fantastic review of Street Fighter V, giving us the nitty-gritty along with a great mix of subjective and objective analysis. There are always a surprising amount of topics to address when analyzing a fighter and though that can get a little overly technical (and as such, dry and boring to read), Oestreicher balances things out with an easy readable style.

Street Fighter V may not be the ultimate masterpiece we’d hoped it’d be, but expect Capcom to deliver patches and fixes and other updates to make it better. In the meantime, if you want to know whether or not to spend your hard-earned $60 on the game, you’ll get all the necessary information and a little something extra at Giant Bomb.

Congrats, Jason!

Why We Like It:

— Fighting game reviews have a tendency to get very technical and boring to read. This critic knows how to keep the reader engaged, even when handing out the necessary details.

— There’s a nice flow and balance to the review, which keeps the reader moving from paragraph to paragraph.

— Bottom line is, you can’t do a review like this unless you really know the genre. Solid fighting expertise is on display throughout this evaluation.

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3 thoughts on “Giant Bomb’s Street Fighter V Review KOs Competition”

I’m sorry but the lack of an Arcade Mode and the fact that the story still sucks (have to wait until June for the free “ultra” story mode or whatever?) is a big disappiontment for me. Feels incomplete.

I’m disappointed in its incompleteness as well but the gameplay still rocks. Plain and simple.

Capcom dropped the ball. Again. The gameplay is great but the content and presentation is just SO lacking and frankly, I’m not surprised at all.

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