Go Check Out The Guardian’s Excellent Pokemon Go Review

The worldwide phenomenon means Pokemon on popping up everywhere!

The worldwide phenomenon means Pokemon on popping up everywhere!

It has taken the world by storm: Pokemon Go isn’t just another entry in the long-running and now legendary franchise; it’s a “game” that utilizes augmented reality to make it appear as if these cute creatures are actually part of our world. Sure, nobody is going to be fooled, but it won’t stop people from looking. Of course, is it actually any good…?

Well, yes and no. For the best explanation, please check out The Guardian’s top-tier review, in which critic Kat Brewster says that from a traditional standpoint, Pokemon Go really isn’t that great. In fact, it might be called mediocre. But this is hardly a traditional interactive experience and from a uniqueness and addiction perspective, the game does its best. Unfortunately, technical issues and a lack of intuitive presentation bogs it down.

We’ve selected this review because it approaches the analysis correctly: It goes away from a traditional approach (because of course, the game isn’t traditional) and instead focuses on that which matters most; technical capability, intuitiveness, and a precise explanation of the product’s goals and why “players” will be interested. It’s a really nice combination of analysis and summary for both novices and experts, and it adapts itself to the smartphone user world. Well done.

Congrats, Kat!

Why We Like It:

— Above all else, the critic understands the nature of this game and how it’s vastly different from most interactive experiences, and then tailors the review to fit this new mold.

Focuses on the elements that users are going to care about most, which is really the primary goal of any solid review, yes?

Pinpoints the positives and negatives with simple accuracy, telling the reader exactly what they’ll love about the experience, and what they’re very likely to find annoying.

Read Kat Brewster’s Pokemon Go Review Now

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Because I’m a girl everyone seems to think I’m playing Pokemon GO.

My reply is, “no, I play REAL video games.” 😛


That’s awesome.

Pokemon GO is taking over the planet and I just find the whole thing……nauseating.

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