Halo 5: Guardians Gets Its Best Review From GamesBeat

The new Halo installment has proven to be somewhat controversial.

The new Halo installment has proven to be somewhat controversial.

Halo is one of the most iconic IPs in video game history, as the franchise has earned more than its fair share of awards and overall sales. But the latest entry, produced by 343 Studios, has resulted in quite the myriad of feedback and reviews, perhaps due to an overly complex and unbelievable storyline that flies in the face of Master Chief’s well-established loner persona.

However, most agree that Halo 5: Guardians is indeed great, and the avid video game consumers owe it to themselves to try it. If you need further convincing, check out GamesBeat’s excellent evaluation. Critic Dean Takahashi delivers a robust yet tightly structured review that offers both candid subjective viewpoints and straightforward objectivity. With a bit of background and history to lead us in the right direction, we then get a nicely summarized account of his experience with the game. We also like that the campaign and multiplayer received clearly separate portions in the review.

For the most part, Halo 5 will likely sell extremely well because…well, it’s Halo. But while a few critics don’t like the new direction, most will agree that it’s a well-developed and highly entertaining product. It’s just that to us, Takahashi’s is the most readable and least devoid of tangents and personal diatribes.

Congrats, Dean!

Why We Like It:

— First and foremost, it doesn’t get bogged down in what the series “used to be” and why “Halo should always be Halo,” or something like that. There’s some history, as there should be, but the review focuses squarely on this product’s quality, and that’s that.

We like the separation between single-player campaign and multiplayer within the review structure, which is a format we’re hoping other sources will start to adopt.

— While there isn’t a lot of waxing rhapsodic or overly poetic accounts of the glory of the franchise in question, this is still a well-written, well-paced review with a bit of respect for the IP’s past accomplishments.

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Eh, just never cared about Halo. Still, it is a good review.

To me, Halo will always be Halo, even with a Master Chief that’s supposedly different. If the gameplay is basically the same thats just fine with me. 🙂

I’ll probably play it at some point…whenever I get around to getting an Xbox One. 😉

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