Hardcore Gamer’s Let It Die Review Is A Cut Above

Legendary video game designers always fall under a more powerful microscope. When you’ve successfully entertained and perhaps even awed millions, expectations continue to rise. This is why you might see a lot more dissection – and a lot more comparison to previous masterful efforts – when a new game lands on store shelves. While Suda51  (Goichi Suda) might not be on the same level as a Hideo Kojima or a Shigeru Miyamoto, the talented Japanese game maker has still made a name for himself…literally.

Hey, if you’re that good, you can invent a new name. It’s allowed. As for his latest production, Let It Die, how did it turn out? For that answer, we direct you to a great review we found at Hardcore Gamer, where critic  Kyle LeClair writes up a stirring, informative evaluation. We particularly like the intro, as the reader is given a solid foundation for the analysis with a link to a Suda51 retrospective (a look back at well-received titles like Killer7 and Shadows of the Damned). Following that, we have an honest, well-presented review that covers the most critical elements, from setting to gameplay.

Another positive is that this isn’t a Suda51 review, nor is it a direct comparison to his past games. While both are cited – which is of course essential – the critic still focuses on the title in question and delivers a top-notch analysis. Congrats, Kyle!

Why We Like It:

— All introductions must hook the reader immediately, and this review uses a combination of appealing subjectivity and historical foundation to get our attention out of the gate. It works exceedingly well.

Balances the product’s merits with a nod to the noted creator and his history, without allowing the latter to dominate the review.

— The evaluation isn’t overly verbose and doesn’t skew off on numerous tangents; it remains focused and well-presented throughout, which is always appealing.

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4 thoughts on “Hardcore Gamer’s Let It Die Review Is A Cut Above”

Suda51 is indeed awesome but I’m a little disappointed with Let It Die. I just keep coming back to the unavoidable fact that I LOATHE free-to-play games. 😛


Yeah, me too. Can’t get past it.

It’s a pretty fun game with tons of atmosphere, which is what I want from Suda51. I just wish the technical elements were a bit cleaner…Japanese developers really seem to be lagging behind a bit in this department.

‘see The Last Guardian’

This games looks pretty crazy. 😛

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