Hardcore Gamer’s The Metronomicon Review Makes Us Dance a Jig

The fusion of these two genres might seem silly but in fact, it works...for the most part.

The fusion of these two genres might seem silly but in fact, it works…for the most part.

Role-playing and rhythm/dance. Final Fantasy and Dance Dance Revolution. You wouldn’t think combining such gameplay elements would result in anything sensible or even playable but in fact, The Mecronomicon makes it work. Despite a few drawbacks, it’s well worth trying out and for more information, you should check out the well-produced review we found over at Hardcore Gamer.

Critic James Cunningham tackles this unique title by explaining precisely what to expect from a mechanical standpoint, which is a good idea considering that most first responses to this title will be along the lines of, “wait, how does that work?” In addition to a detailed explanation of the gameplay, we get an analysis of the necessary strategy and approach, along with a few specific mentions of flaws that do hinder one’s enjoyment. In the end, we know exactly how the game operates and we have a very good idea of whether or not we want to spend our hard-earned money on it.

Congrats, James!

Why We Like It:

— First and foremost, the critic explains in detail how this particular gameplay fusion works, which is critical given the unique nature of the gameplay.

— In addition to a detailed breakdown, the reader receives an objective, comprehensive analysis of the game’s overall appeal, and how the aforementioned fusion works out in the end.

Never focuses on the trivial or goes off on unnecessary tangents; in this case, the original gameplay should be the focal point, and it is.

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