Hardcore Gamer Writes Up an Excellent NHL 16 Review

This year's NHL entry is a definite step in the right direction, as evidenced by this Hardcore Gamer review.

This year’s NHL entry is a definite step in the right direction, as evidenced by this Hardcore Gamer review.

Sports games come out every year. We all know this. Therefore, it can be a challenge to produce a title on an annual basis that offers lots of progress and innovation. This is why so many sports installments have been called little more than “roster updates.” However, there are times when franchises inexplicably take a step backward and that’s when the developers really have to win back fans they’ve lost.

That was the case after last year’s disappointing NHL 15, so hockey fans were a little leery about this year’s production. Thankfully, EA Canada took the necessary strides to bring this typically solid series back to its rightful position- that of a satisfying simulator. If you want more evidence and a detailed explanation, head over to Hardcore Gamer, where critic Steve Hannley delivers an excellent review of NHL 16. Starting with the fact that last year’s game fell well shy of expectations, Hannley rightly caters to those reluctant fans and gives us a candid, point-by-point evaluation.

At the same time, this critic doesn’t get bogged down in generic fan hoopla; the review still tackles the ups and downs while remaining accessible to both newcomers and veterans (much like the game in question). We love it.

Congrats, Steve!

Why We Like It:

— Rather than focusing too heavily on any one particular aspect of this very deep simulator, we get an overarching analysis that gives us an eagle-eye view. This makes the review that much more readable.

Understands that most readers are hockey fans and likely unhappy with the previous effort, so begins by speaking directly to those followers, as they’ll have the most questions.

— While acknowledging the obvious improvements, the critic still offers the developers ways to improve. The only way things get better is if we mention both the ups and downs!

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