Honored Source: MMORPG.com Serves Its Readers Well


MMO fans have gone to MMORPG.com for years, and there's a good reason for that.

MMO fans have gone to MMORPG.com for years, and there’s a good reason for that.

Earlier, we honored RPGFan for properly serving role-playing aficionados for a long time. But there’s a subset to the RPG universe, isn’t there?

The MMORPG has exploded over recent years, but some of us remember when it all began way back when in the ’90s. Some of us recall the original EverQuest and Ultima Online. We remember the distinctive brand of entertainment, the likes of which we couldn’t find anywhere else. We remember that unique sense of community.

Well, that’s why we’re branching out and honoring MMORPG.com, a site that has faithfully served the fanbase in question for years.



Every time we talk to a veteran fan of the genre, chances are, they’ve heard of – and greatly appreciate – MMORPG.com. They offer a comprehensive coverage that is unparalleled, and the community they’ve cultivated and fostered is extremely passionate. Such a knowledgeable and loyal readership is indicative of a site’s dedication and quality, we always say.

With top-notch and extremely informed reviews and an unwavering work ethic – they cover anything and everything related to MMORPGs – this is a worthy Honored Source.

Congrats, guys!

5 thoughts on “Honored Source: MMORPG.com Serves Its Readers Well”

Eh, MMOs aren’t my thing. But that site is clearly chock full of coverage for the fans.

Congrats, MMORPG.com!

I tried EverQuest once back in the day. It was pretty fun but I didn’t really have the time to dive into it.

So I never really got into the genre. I keep thinking that if i had had the requisite time, I might’ve got more involved…seems like it could’ve been my thing. 🙂

I’ve enjoyed reading them for a few years and when you say their community is passionate… lol yea they are, often to extremes.

I think that does say something about the good job they do.

They’ve recently updated their site to include single player RPG’s as well, so it’s worth a look for you non-MMO players as they start to expand their coverage.

It’s awesome that they finally started covering single-player RPGs, which ARE my thing.

Thanks for the info! 🙂

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