Honored Source: RPGFan Is a Role-Player’s Paradise

If you want great RPG coverage, there's only one place to go.

If you want great RPG coverage, there’s only one place to go.

We’ve got several big role-playing fans here at VGRHQ. And when they’re looking for great coverage of their favorite genre, they invariably choose one location for their RPG coverage fix:


Perhaps not coincidentally, RPGFan originally launched as LunarNET back in December of 1997, during the RPG boom on the original PlayStation. We all remember that system for producing some of the most memorable role-playing experiences in existence, of course, so the timing was obviously right.

Now, over 16 years later, the site that eventually became RPGFan continues to please gamers who have a special love of that in-depth, epic, uber-involving genre of interactive entertainment. They’ve got great critics who don’t skimp on the details, and they’re always up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the world of RPGs.

Yep, we love us some RPGs, which means we love RPGFan!

Yep, we love us some RPGs, which means we love RPGFan!

In this particular instance, we don’t select one critc; we honor the entire site because it satisfies a unique need. Therefore, we’re adding RPGFan to our list because for so many years, there’s no place role-players would rather be.

Thanks, guys!

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3 thoughts on “Honored Source: RPGFan Is a Role-Player’s Paradise”

I usually go to RPGFan for my RPG reviews. Sometimes I don’t agree with their assessment but I always respect their knowledge.

I wish someone would start a site dedicated only to platformers too. maybe if that happens naughty dog will finally do another Jak and Daxter! 🙂

You did hear that Naughty Dog might actually do a new Jak, right? 😉

A sight dedicated to platformers would be pretty cool, not sure there are enough out there to justify an entire sight which is a shame really. I miss Castlevania … before it went all 3D 🙁

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