Horizon: Zero Dawn Earns An Epic Review From Digital Spy

Big, beautiful, and loads of fun, Horizon delivers.

We’ve been waiting and waiting to see how Guerrilla’s hotly anticipated new PlayStation 4 exclusive would turn out. The Killzone developer certainly made plenty of waves last generation but not only is Horizon: Zero Dawn a brand new IP, it’s also a complete departure from the FPS genre. A third-person, post-apocalyptic/futuristic action/adventure game isn’t what we expected…and yet, the talented team at Guerrilla has managed to deliver a doozy.

If you don’t believe us, just check out the many great reviews. One of our favorites can be found at Digital Spy, where critic Laurence Mozafari produces a stellar evaluation that keeps us riveted from start to finish. He puts the emphasis squarely on the gameplay, which is a huge highlight for two reasons: Firstly, we’ve seen plenty of footage over the past few years, and few were concerned about the game’s technical merits. Secondly, because the gameplay appears so unique and engaging, the overwhelming majority of gamers reading Horizon reviews have plenty of questions on this score.

And there’s a great flow to the review as well. We love the introduction, and we don’t have to deal with a lot of subjective ranting or irrelevant tangents. It’s just a tight, well-written, attractive analysis. Congrats, Laurence!

Why We Like It:

Nicely structured with excellent flow throughout. We see too many reviews that jump around and they come across as untidy and unfocused, but this one sweeps along well.

— Addresses all necessary elements but most importantly, focuses heavily on the all-important gameplay. New IPs with brand new mechanics and gameplay styles require this approach.

Good balance between technical/artistic merits and overall appeal and fun factor. In other words, it’s an endorsement that actually makes us want to play the game…not all positive reviews can manage this.

Read Laurence Mozafari’s Horizon: Zero Dawn Review Now

3 thoughts on “Horizon: Zero Dawn Earns An Epic Review From Digital Spy”

Seems fantastic. I just wish it was more in my wheelhouse…just not feeling the atmosphere and style and it’s hard for me to get into a game when that happens.

It’s soooooo much fun. 😀 It’s the first game in a LONG time that has really hooked me.

I’m getting it next week (been hammering away at Dishonored 2 all this time) and I can’t wait to try it! 🙂

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