How Do You Compare Destiny and TLoU: Remastered?

Right now, it's the highest-rated game of 2014. But does that even count?

Right now, it’s the highest-rated game of 2014. But does that even count?

Currently, The Last Of Us: Remastered is the highest-rated game of the year, according to Metacritic. It’s not even close.

That being said, the biggest – and ideally, best – games are yet to come. Many are expecting great things from the likes of DestinyDragon Age: InquisitionFar Cry 4LittleBigPlanet 3Assassin’s Creed: Unity, etc. We wonder if any of them have the potential to earn such ridiculously high review scores, though…can any of them reach a 95 Metacritic average? It seems unlikely.

Perhaps the only title capable of that feat is Bungie’s highly anticipated Destiny, which just concluded an extremely successful beta test. Recently, we said the game had the best chance of bringing down multiple perfect 10s in 2014. It hits all trends of modern gaming and it seems like just about every gamer on earth is interested. An exaggeration, obviously, but it’s gonna be huge, no doubt about it.

Destiny is bound to be fantastic, but HOW fantastic? And how do you compare it to TLoU?

Destiny is bound to be fantastic, but HOW fantastic? And how do you compare it to TLoU?

And critics are going to love it, too. This all being said, how exactly do you compare The Last Of Us: Remastered to Destiny? Technically, they’re both 2014 titles, so shouldn’t they be compared to each other when the time comes? Or, will sources and critics dismiss Remastered because it’s merely an updated version of a 2013 game? That seems somewhat unfair; we’re supposed to compare games to the competition. Whatever is currently available is the competition, yes?

So, how do you compare those two games? Where do you begin? This isn’t just about trying to compare an action/adventure game to a FPS – which is difficult in and of itself – it’s also about trying to compare a last-gen title to a next-gen production. Granted, Destiny will also be on the older systems but let’s face it, Bungie always needed the power of next-gen machines to fully realize their vision.

Come the end of the year, you’re going to see some GotY awards going to The Last Of Us: Remastered, which many gamers won’t agree with. At the same time, if we still haven’t seen anything that tops TLoU by the time 2014 is over, can’t you make an argument for Remastered? And again, how would Destiny compare? What are the parameters for evaluation and contrasting? These are not easy questions, but somebody is going to have to answer them…

4 thoughts on “How Do You Compare Destiny and TLoU: Remastered?”

You don’t, really. At least, I wouldn’t try it.

I think the best thing to do would be to point out – in a compare-and-contrast – that the two games are very different in SO many ways, thereby giving the reader a chance to understand the situation.

I’m hoping it doesn’t come down to this at the end of the year.

If it does, I REALLY hope critics aren’t going to side with a 2013 game…it didn’t even release in 2014!!! How can it be nominated for ANYTHING this year?

Basically, the only way to compare would be in terms of overall quality and some technical elements…the rest will be very subjective and besides, they’re not even remotely similar in terms of experience.

I’d try to stick to as many objective observations as I could make.

I wouldn’t even bother to try and really, you don’t need to. I’m pretty sure gamers know the differences between these two games; it’s kinda obvious.

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