If The Order Is Deemed “Short,” Should Review Scores Suffer?

The game might be fantastic but if its' short, it may be unfairly criticized in reviews.

The game might be fantastic but if its’ short, it may be unfairly criticized in reviews.

A review score can be a tricky thing. The critic has to take into account multiple factors, and that does include product value. In other words, what is the consumer getting for his money? Is this particular product worth $60? Will the gamer feel satisfied and fulfilled after completing the game? Or will he feel ripped off and disgruntled? These are questions that should indeed be addressed by any qualified reviewer.

At the same time, quality really isn’t affected by length. Value is, but quality is not. What is in a review score, then? Isn’t that overall number supposed to be an indication of quality? Rumor has that The Order: 1886 is only about five hours long. Some say it’s only that short if you rush right through it on easy and skip all the extra stuff. Others are just plain disappointed and are already questioning a once-certain purchase. Expect review scores to start showing up later this week and the big question is: If the game is deemed short, will those scores be lower? Should they be lower?

Everyone loves a fantastic game. But many demand a certain number of entertainment hours...

Everyone loves a fantastic game. But many demand a certain number of entertainment hours…

As always, it depends on the source and the critic. Some put a greater weight on quantity of entertainment as opposed to quality, while others – many of whom labeled the award-winning Journey as a masterpiece – put more of an emphasis on the game itself. The other problem is that gamers vary widely in tastes and expectations as well. Some honestly don’t see the value in playing a game for only 10 hours or so. Others don’t see the value in wandering around leveling up the same character for hundreds of hours in the same world, with virtually no accompanying story.

It’s going to be a conundrum for all critics out there, that’s for sure. We’re just hoping we don’t see a lot of hypocrisy. After all, the Uncharted games weren’t very long and if The Order is of a similar length (as developer Ready at Dawn claims it is), then we really can’t dock it in terms of points. Uncharted never seemed to suffer from such backlash, although admittedly, those games were more in the 10-12 hour range. Maybe even 15 or 20 for those who take their time. Guess we’ll have to see how everyone views The Order

4 thoughts on “If The Order Is Deemed “Short,” Should Review Scores Suffer?”

I don’t bother with game reviews. So who knows or cares what will come of The Order’s review scores.

Is this the standard, “I know more than critics anyway” crap, or is there a logical reason for that?

The new trend in the gaming community is that all critics are paid-off or incompetent, and that any “real” gamer would do a better job.

It’s a tremendous insult to everyone who works so hard their eyes bleed during the holidays, trying to produce helpful reviews for a completely unappreciative, outrageously egocentric, and often hostile community.

If the game is too short, it should be reflected in the score. It’s part of the package. Yes, value counts. Some can argue that it shouldn’t count as part of a “quality-based” score but I don’t agree.

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