If You Love Final Fantasy VII, You Will Hate the FFVII Remake

If you're a long-time lover of this timeless classic, you're almost guaranteed to abhor the upcoming remake.

If you’re a long-time lover of this timeless classic, you’re almost guaranteed to abhor the upcoming remake.

When Square Enix revealed the seemingly impossible during Sony’s E3 2015 press conference, the gaming world flew into a tizzy, and that’s putting it mildly. For many years, the die-hard fans of Final Fantasy VII had clamored for a remake, so they could revisit one of their favorite video game experiences with a beautiful new high-gloss sheen (and maybe some extra content, too). Of course, this means that the majority of fans were asking for a remaster as opposed to a full-fledged remake. The latter implies significant changes to the very core and foundation of the game.

And this is precisely why those followers will be monumentally disappointed when the Final Fantasy VII Remake finally shows up. At this rate, it might not be until 2020 but whenever it releases, it will be to a bevy of FFVII fans who stare in shocked horror at what their precious old-school RPG has become. Now, bear one thing in mind: I’m not saying the game will be bad. I’m not saying that at all; in fact, it could be great. The point is, I and many others don’t believe it will feel like FFVII at all and realistically, it might not even feel like a role-playing game. Slam-bang twitch action is the only thing we know these days, as big-budget productions have to keep the attention of the mainstream audience.

Considering the amount of money the team has to put into this project, they’ll have to recoup costs by appealing to a wide demographic. This can’t only include original FFVII fans, of course. And to bring in new fans, you absolutely cannot release a turn-based game. The overwhelming consensus these days is that the mechanic is outdated and boring and besides, big Square Enix games haven’t used that system in years. They’re not about to go back to it, so just get the idea out of your head. But even aside from that, what will the gameplay look like? We’ve got Cloud with his sword, Barrett and Vincent with their guns, Tifa and Red XIII with the melee attacks, etc. Sounds like the makings of a straight-up action extravaganza, and Square Enix won’t be able to resist.

Previously, director Tetsuya Nomura said to expect “dramatic changes” to the gameplay. That’s really all we need to know, isn’t it? He followed it up by saying the FFVII Remake “wouldn’t be a shooter or anything like that” but I think we can assume it will be, at the very least, an action/RPG. We just wonder how much of an RPG it’ll be. Then there’s that legendary world map, which will have to invariably disappear, as that is also considered outdated. So, envision an open-world structure – essentially the only structure developers seem to use these days, and clearly the dominant structure for the future – where you run around and beat on enemies. It actually sounds a lot like Final Fantasy XV, doesn’t it?

Granted, FFVX is indeed an action/RPG and if the FFVII Remake follows those lines, it’s to be expected and many might embrace it. But the fans in question, those who will always cherish the original, will find it to be a drastic change. So drastic, in fact, that I doubt they’ll be able to identify it as “Final Fantasy VII.” You can only change a game so much.  You can’t eradicate the foundation and build something new and give it the same title. In point of fact, one wonders if Square Enix resisted this project for so long, because they knew they’d have to do this; they’d have to tear down just about every last cornerstone of the original production and rebuild with modern trends and mechanics in mind. Don’t blame them, people. They have to deliver something the current market will support.

And that is most certainly notFinal Fantasy VII clone with a shiny new exterior. We’re going to have to accept that.

7 thoughts on “If You Love Final Fantasy VII, You Will Hate the FFVII Remake”

Hell, I knew this the instant it was announced. I saw all these people jumping around at E3 all happy and I was like, “you DO know what Square Enix is going to make, right? You DO know they’re going to annihilate this game, right?”

I’m an optimist so I like to hold out hope. I know they have to make a new real-time combat system but I HOPE they might give us turn-based as an option or something. It couldn’t possibly be that hard to do, right?

That’s not a bad idea but it’s too common sense for Square Enix. That company hasn’t had any of THAT since they were Squaresoft.

LOL Too true.

Oh, I’m fairly certain the game is going to suck. Square Enix hasn’t done anything right in over a decade so why should they be fit to remake Final Fantasy VII, the greatest RPG of all time?

Oh, they’ll mess it up. That’s guaranteed.

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