IGN Drives Home a Stellar Driveclub Review

Expectations were high, but did Evolution Studios deliver on their promises?

Expectations were high, but did Evolution Studios deliver on their promises?

Originally slated to be a PlayStation 4 launch title, Driveclub has finally arrived. Gamers have found plenty of discrepancy in those review scores, though, which is why we sought a comprehensive analysis that provides the racing fan with all the requisite details. It also needed to have a nice flair because let’s face it, this game has plenty of flair!

We found what we were looking for at IGN, where critic Luke Reilly penned an excellent review that highlights the game’s strengths and weaknesses in a well-paced, entertaining piece. This is precisely what the avid virtual driving follower desires: An objective yet enthusiastic viewpoint that tackles all points of interest. Reilly appropriately prioritizes the racing physics and dynamics, vehicle selection, difficulty, style, and multiplayer elements.

From the intricate to the cosmetic, this review really has it all. If you’re looking for an informed, accurate and reliable evaluation of Evolution’s latest project, you can’t go wrong here.

It isn't a simulator but it isn't really an arcade-style racer, either...

It isn’t a simulator but it isn’t really an arcade-style racer, either…

Why We Like It:

Well-paced and properly highlighted. It’s clear that the critic understands what racing fans look for in a video game, and provides them with an extremely well-appointed analysis.

— It’s wrong to believe that a review should be 100 percent objective. A critic should have a singular voice and opinion, and that’s evident here. It makes a reader want to read more of the critic’s articles.

— The critic accepts what the developer was trying to do, and evaluates the game based on those goals. Reviewing a game is often more about rating the developer’s efforts, and whether or not they succeeded.

Congrats, Luke!

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4 thoughts on “IGN Drives Home a Stellar Driveclub Review”

I’m having lots of fun with the game.

Well, check that…

I WAS having fun before the online part ceased to function. 🙁

Yeah, it’s a total bummer. If Evolution can iron things out quickly though, I think I’ll end up spending a good amount of time with Driveclub.

I had fun for a while but without enough single-player content, I know I’m going to get bored. I’m aware the game is all about the social/multiplayer angle but that’s not really why I play games. It’s a personal thing. 🙂

Hey, I’m with you. I can’t stand multiplayer. I play games to escape from other people. LOL

On topic, haven’t tried Driveclub yet. I probably will when I hear the servers are working again.

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