IGN’s Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Review Is A Triumphant Victory

If you’re a Tolkien fan, you knew all about Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. It was one of the best offerings of the year in 2014 and in many eyes (even those who aren’t hardcore “Lord of the Rings” followers), it remains one of the best titles of the generation.

That’s why everyone was excited when the follow-up effort, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, arrived on shelves this past week. Did it meet the super high expectations produced by an excellent debut adventure?

Well, according to most critics, the answer is a resounding “yes.” And our favorite evaluation can be found at IGN, where critic Dan Stapleton produced a top-notch review, filled with tons of fantastic gameplay analysis and plenty of in-depth observations. When a game has multiple fully realized elements from various distinct genres, it requires some extra knowledge and wisdom to properly dissect; this is particularly well done in that respect.

So congrats, Dan! Dan is a multiple honoree here at VGRHQ; he was last recognized for this fantastic Mass Effect: Andromeda review.

Why We Like It:

Skillfully analyzes a deep game with lots of content and gameplay intricacies, and without getting overly wordy or diving into the more trivial aspects.

— Makes appropriate comparisons to the first game, but still spends the majority of the time evaluating the new effort on its own merits.

A great and informative read for both gamers and LotR fans, as just about everyone should be satisfied with the objective breakdown and sensible structure.

Read Dan Stapleton’s Middle-earth: Shadow of War Review Now

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