IGN’s Epic Review Of Mass: Effect Andromeda Reaches For The Stars

The new Mass Effect is finally here, but does it stand up to scrutiny?

When this IP first burst onto the scene back 2007, it was lauded as an ambitious action/RPG hybrid. A space opera of the highest caliber in the world of interactive entertainment, BioWare’s epic adventure was quite the debut experience. But it launched into another stratosphere when Mass Effect 2 took the critical world by storm and ever since, role-playing and sci-fi fans alike have been in awe of the accomplished IP.

That’s why the launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda was filled with a massive amount of hype and anticipation. Not only is it the first installment in what the developers are calling a new story arc (and perhaps a new trilogy), but it’s also the first entry in a new console generation. Obviously, expectations were insanely high. And it seems some gamers are going to be disappointed, as the critic response doesn’t fall in line with those lofty expectations; a current Metacritic average of only 77 isn’t what fans wanted.

But most agree it’s still a really good game, maybe even great. Just not legendary. For all the answers, we recommend checking out IGN’s excellent analysis. Critic Dan Stapleton produces a dense yet enjoyable review that dives in head-first and appropriately addresses the highs and lows. There’s a clear understanding of the franchise and of the fanbase, which results in a review that series followers will appreciate. It’s objective without being remote and distant; it has solid pacing and structure, and in the end, the reader walks away 100 percent satisfied.

This is the way you tackle a review of an epic product. Take notes, rookies, and congrats to Dan!

Why We Like It:

Dives in from the get-go and gives us a baseline understanding of the atmosphere, story, and gameplay. It’s a great way to introduce a huge, complex game without falling prey to tangents.

— With an expert’s knowledge, the critic focuses on that which will matter most to the long-time fan. There’s a fantastic emphasis on the effectiveness of the story, the evolution of the gameplay, the immersive world, etc.

— As always, it’s easy to spend too much time comparing a new entry in a franchise to past installments. That doesn’t happen much here, as the reviewer is content with evaluating the title on its own merits. Well done.

Read Dan Stapleton’s Mass Effect: Andromeda Review Now

2 thoughts on “IGN’s Epic Review Of Mass: Effect Andromeda Reaches For The Stars”

A big disappointment for me. The game came out sort of broken, which you just don’t expect from BioWare. I know there’s a patch coming but whatever happened to releasing FINISHED PRODUCTS?

I really hate this part of PC culture that has seeped into consoles. 🙁

Eh, the technical drawbacks aren’t that big of a deal to me. I just don’t like some of the gameplay changes; the idea of making the single-player gameplay more like the multiplayer was a big mistake, IMO.

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