IGN Throws Down a Slam Dunk of an NBA 2K17 Review

This year's NBA 2K17 is an absolute winner, as is the excellent review produced by IGN.

This year’s NBA 2K17 is an absolute winner, as is the excellent review produced by IGN.

The annual sports entries can get fatigued, so it’s a constant challenge for the developers to deliver new installments that are both top-quality¬†and significantly improved. Furthermore, as these sports franchises have all become hugely in-depth simulators, they attract the truly hardcore fans among the legions of casual followers, and the hardcore can be extremely picky and demanding. Well, looks like this year’s¬†NBA 2K17 is capable of satisfying every type of basketball fan with its myriad of options and clear enhancements.

To learn more, we recommend checking out the excellent review over at IGN. Critic Chase Becotte produces a fine analysis; it’s a complete, well-rounded, informative review that still manages to remain entertaining throughout. It can be difficult to tackle every element and aspect of any sports sim, but Becotte does an admirable job of hitting the highlights while still diving into the nitty-gritty when necessary. That’s called balance, by the way. On top of which, being an admitted “NBA super fan” really helps because other die-hard fans know right out of the gate that, yeah, this particular critic knows what he’s talking about.

Congrats, Chase!

Why We Like It:

— With sports games going the full-on simulation route, it’s critical to have highly knowledgeable reviewers. Here, we get a confirmed NBA fan combined with an established gamer, which results in a top-tier analysis.

Beautifully balanced: Plenty of detail without causing the reader’s eyes to glaze and an all-encompassing evaluation. This is the sort of approach that works best for sports sim reviews, but it’s tough to get right.

— Even though it’s written by a hardcore fan, all gamers and every type of basketball fan will appreciate the review. Attracting the widest audience possible with your writing is always a plus.

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