IGN Throws Down an Awesome Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review

It's not exactly new but is it at least a proper sequel that followers will appreciate?

It’s not exactly new but is it at least a proper sequel that followers will appreciate?

The Dragon Ball franchise has had its ups and downs in the video game world. Many will agree the IP pulled up out of a quality nosedive in 2015, when Dragon Ball Xenoverse received plenty of critical and fan acclaim. Now, the anticipated follow-up effort has arrived and fans everywhere are hoping for another triumph. Though it isn’t scoring as high as the original (mostly due to the “same ol’ same ol” issue), it seems the sequel is worthy of the avid fan’s attention. For more, we urge you to check out the review over at IGN.

Critic Vince Ingenito writes up a great review, loaded with enough detail and analysis to keep even the most hardcore DBZ fan happy. There’s also a solid combination of subjective and objective elements, combined with a few personal reactions to the game. This makes for a very complete-sounding evaluation, one that delivers explanation along with a stance and a verdict.  Lastly, the conclusion is all-encompassing yet still straightforward, so we emerge knowing all we need to know about the title in question. Great job.

This is Ingenito’s second honor here at VGRHQ; he first earned a nod for his Borderlands 2 Vita review.

Why We Like It:

— Though the game is made almost exclusively for die-hard fans of the Dragon Ball franchise, the critic produces a review that is useful for both hardcore followers and newcomers alike.

Tells us exactly why the sequel falls a little shy of its lofty ambition, which is a critical part of any sequel analysis (all follow-ups should try to be more ambitious, right?).

Well-paced and well-written throughout; we have a brief yet effective intro, a fair amount of explanation but without unnecessary detail, and a simple conclusion. It just works.

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They keep pumping out the Dragon Ball games and I guess they have to keep making money…otherwise they wouldn’t do it, right?

Just don’t get it. Never understood the fascination.

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