IGN’s Bravely Second Review is Tops in Our Eyes

Though still a great traditionally-styled RPG, the story won't win any awards.

Though still a great traditionally-styled RPG, the story won’t win any awards.

Bravely Default was a surprise to many, including Square Enix. The company admitted to being taken aback by such a warm reception, as the popular JRPG managed to easily outpace internal projections. Obviously, the fans wanted a sequel and Square Enix obliged, ultimately delivering Bravely Second: End Layer. While it still sports the same attractive traditional JRPG style the die-hard fans adore, the game stumbles a bit in the narrative department.

For more, we highly recommend IGN’s review of the game. Critic John Robertson pens a fantastic analysis of the anticipated sequel, and the review provides the reader with an unbiased, objective viewpoint that simply tells it like it is. It’s straightforward without being boring and although intent on pointing out the game’s flaws (it is a review, after all), it also acknowledges that many fans of the genre might not care as much. In short, it’s a nicely balanced piece that answers all our questions about the game. Well done.

Congrats, John!

Why We Like It:

The review is structured very well, in that it gives us a brief but relevant intro, and hits all the necessary high points in turn, so everything keeps flowing forward.

— Doesn’t waste time with more of the intricate gameplay details and elements; this is more of a bird’s-eye view, which is what all reviews should be in our estimation.

Acknowledges the fan base without skewing in one direction or another. “Yes, I know JRPG fans may not care about these issues, but I have to mention them.” Very true.

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3 thoughts on “IGN’s Bravely Second Review is Tops in Our Eyes”

Well, I love it. No, it isn’t as good as the first one but it’s still classic RPG goodness and it’ll keep me occupied until I Am Setsuna. 🙂

Oh yeah, can’t wait for I Am Setsuna! Anything that was inspired by Chrono Trigger is automatically on my list. 😉

Yeah, I agree. Bravely Second isn’t the amazing game I wanted it to be but it’s still good, and tons of fun. Haven’t seen much of I Am Setsuna but old-school RPG buffs keep talking about it and that intrigues me. 😉

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