IGN’s Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Review Is a Winner

The Fire Emblem IP has generated a massive following, and there's a very good reason.

The Fire Emblem IP has generated a massive following, and there’s a very good reason.

For those who own a 3DS, there really isn’t a shortage of games. Of course, there’s always a significant amount of shovelware for any Nintendo platform these days but the stellar Fire Emblem franchise has never qualified for such a negative term. Now, a new entry has arrived and critics everywhere are saying it’s worthy of the highest praise.

Take IGN, for example. Critic Jose Otero offers a fantastic review that starts by telling the reader that the game in question hooked him for 40 hours. After that, the avid gamer really wants to learn more, simply because we all hope for games that can keep us entertained for extended periods of time. What follows that intro paragraph is an in-depth and well-appointed analysis that doesn’t drag and doesn’t have numerous disconcerting tangents (what is it with the soapbox-inspired rants by some critics these days?).

When we’re at the end of the review, we know everything we need to know. We’ve got everything we need to make an informed purchase decision and most importantly, we don’t really feel the need to peruse other reviews. We probably will, of course (that’s what core gamers often do) but we don’t feel we have to. And that’s the hallmark of any great product review.

Congrats, Jose!

Why We Like It:

— The critic shows enthusiasm and appreciation for the game, but without tripping over the line into “gushing fanboy praise.” The latter just feels blind and skews the review for the reader.

A solid introduction that makes us want to learn more. Any time a critic voluntarily plays a game for 40+ hours (which isn’t necessary, even for the job), it’s a good sign.

Well-written and well-structured, making for a highly informative and very inviting review. Big pluses both.

Read Jose Otero’s Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Review Now

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LOVE Fire Emblem! I’m so getting this!

This has become one of my favorite RPGs of all time over the years, and with Final Fantasy dying a horrible death right before my very eyes, there’s all the more reason to pick this up. 🙂

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