IGN’s Project CARS Review Takes the Checkered Flag


It was delayed several times and each time, racing fanatics had to wait just a little longer for Slightly Mad’s ambitious project. But it finally arrives this week and virtual driving fans everywhere are champing at the bit. The big question is: Did the developers hit the mark? They made a lot of lofty promises over the past year or so, which means the game is under tremendous pressure to deliver the goods. Well, based on early reviews, it seems like this one is a definite win.

That’s why we went in search of the best review, the one that will tell you everything you need to know about the game in question. We found it at IGN, where critic Luke Reilly wrote up a fantastic and detailed analysis of Project CARS. This guy definitely knows his way around racers; his first honor at VGRHQ was for his great Driveclub review, so obviously, racers are Reilly’s forte. Or maybe he’s just one hell of a critic.

Maybe what we like best about it is the initial focus. Yes, it’s well-written and properly structured but beyond that, the critic knows what many readers are looking for. When it comes to racers, gamers know there’s a wide variety of offerings, ranging from full-on arcade (totally unrealistic craziness) to super challenging simulators. Therefore, they’ll be interested to know if the simulated gameplay in Project CARS is simply beyond them, or if it remains at least somewhat accessible. Obviously, Reilly seeks to answer that question first and foremost, which is perfect for the reading consumer.

Anyway, congrats again, Luke!


Why We Like It:

Nicely paced and with plenty of detail, without wasting too much time with the tedious nuts and bolts of a simulator. Big-time racing fans tend to get all poetic about things like gear ratios and ride heights, but many readers find this a snooze. This review is detailed enough without being boring.

— While lengthy, it’s still highly readable and enjoyable. Lots of reviews that go long tend to wander or go off on multiple tangents. This one stays pretty steady throughout.

It’s just what racing fans are looking for and at the same time, it isn’t exclusive. It still caters to the average gamer, informing the whole community as opposed to the select few (who are guaranteed to be interested in the game, anyway).

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5 thoughts on “IGN’s Project CARS Review Takes the Checkered Flag”

I’m not a huge racing fan but I have to admit, Reilly’s review has piqued my interest.

Still not sure if I want to BUY it, though…..is there a demo?

I wish this was my thing but it really isn’t. Great review though.

Can’t wait to try it. Pre-ordered, ready to race! 🙂

Can’t get into racers and this one sounds like it’s WELL beyond me. LOL

I actually like this game. I like that freedom because I can just head out and drive. I know its not for everyone but its great for anyone who simply wants a great simulator.

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