Joystiq’s Top-Tier Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Review

It's fast and colorful as always but is there enough content...?

It’s fast and colorful as always but is there enough content…?

Guilty Gear is a name well-known by avid fighting fans. This colorful, admittedly niche franchise has provided those fans with countless hours of fast-paced, complex entertainment. Never for the faint of heart, always rewarding the diligent and skilled, these games are designed specifically for the hardcore crowd. If you’re familiar, you probably need no further encouragement to pick up the latest entry.

If you’re not, though, and you’re wondering how Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- performs in this new generation, check out Joystiq’s excellent review. Critic Earnest Cavalli pens an informed, entertaining analysis that is both enthusiastic and candid. It’s not uncommon to find reviews written by obvious fans and as such, they tend to gloss over the flaws. That’s what happens with niche titles, as one might expect.

But here, Cavalli takes an objective approach and still manages to satisfy the hardcore fighting followers with plenty of exhibited knowledge and expertise. If you’re going to evaluate a game like Guilty Gear, you’d better know what you’re looking at. At the same time, you don’t want to alienate other readers, on the off chance one of them might read it and formulate a previously nonexistent interest in the game.

For fighting fanatics, this new Guilty Gear has it where it counts.

For fighting fanatics, this new Guilty Gear has it where it counts.

Why We Like It:

— Takes a bird’s-eye view of the production in the intro and conclusion, which gives the reader a concise, honest summary.

— Combines the nuts and bolts of the intricate fighter with the candid, “non-fawning” evaluation of a professional critic. Mixing detail with general analysis is essential!

Hits all the critical points in which the fans would be most interested. This critic knows what is most important to the followers.

Congrats, Earnest!

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I’ve never been able to get into Guilty Gear. It’s just too frenetic and complicated for me.

God, I could NEVER play these games.

Played this over the holiday break. It’s great but I just can’t do it…I feel like a complete dope when I try. LOL

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