Lazygamer’s Child of Light Review: Reflecting Elegance

A beautiful game deserves a beautiful review.

A beautiful game deserves a beautiful review.

It took us a while to sort through all the Child of Light reviews before we found one we really loved. With a game so lighthearted, with almost a tender ambiance, you want an equally artistically-minded analysis.

And that’s exactly what we got from Lazygamer’s Geoffrey Tim. The description, pacing, and overall style of his review perfectly captures the spirit of Ubisoft’s production.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the game in question,  you should be a fan of this review, and that’s why we’re honoring it today. There are so many reviews out there that try to inform, try to persuade, etc. But for a title like Child of Light, you should bypass that and simply write what you feel.

Geoffrey did that and we’re impressed.

Ah, such artistic excellence...shouldn't we look for it in the review as well?

Ah, such artistic excellence…shouldn’t we look for it in the review as well?

Why We Like It:

— Above all else, it mirrors the artistic beauty of the game. It’s just so important from a reader’s perspective, and we know the developers appreciate such an effort.

— Quality writing. We’re starting to emphasize this more and more because there simply isn’t enough quality writing in video game reviews. Per Our Method, we focus on a variety of factors but when it comes to an artistically inclined game, we want a review that stresses the art form of writing.

— At the end of the review, the reader is appropriately intrigued. Even if that reader ultimately decides not to purchase the game, he or she will undoubtedly appreciate the analysis.

Congrats, Geoffrey!

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4 thoughts on “Lazygamer’s Child of Light Review: Reflecting Elegance”

Very cool, I’m going to have to look into this one… whenever I get everything back in order, yay spring cleaning!

Excellent review.

It’s not my thing but yeah, I can definitely appreciate such a well-written review! 🙂

Same here. It’s not my cup of tea but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the accomplishment.

It’s a beautiful game. Period. 😀

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