Mafia III Gets a Primo Review From EGM

While it can be fun, the game still suffers from a few glaring issues.

While it can be fun, the game still suffers from a few glaring issues.

It was often given the derogatory “poor man’s GTA” label, even if differed from Rockstar’s open-world crime extravaganza. The biggest problem is that Mafia never managed to live up to its obvious potential, and the developers tried to change that unfortunate trend with the third installment. However, most reviews tell us it’s another “close but not quite” scenario and our favorite evaluation can be found at EGM.

Critic Ray Carsillo starts off with a great introduction and then moves into a comprehensive yet still entertaining analysis of Hangar 13’s latest effort that once again focuses on the brutality and amoral insanity of organized crime. We also find some intriguing revelations (like how this particular critic actually wishes the game had remained more linear), and we see precisely where Mafia III misses the mark, and why it’s so frustrating. In this case, it’s clear the main narrative is quite impressive but it’s bogged down by repetitive busywork and a few other annoying hitches and snags.

In short, it’s a complete, well-presented review that is enjoyable to read. So, congrats to Ray!

Why We Like It:

— We’ve often rewarded critics for adopting the tone of a game when writing the text of the review; this critic does exactly that and even takes it a step further by assuming a fun mob boss perspective.

Well-constructed and well-written, which results in a review that flows easily from one paragraph to another.

— The reader receives a healthy helping of pluses and minuses, along with several great points of interest and contention. When done reading, we know exactly where the game stumbled and why, and as consumers we can make an informed decision.

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Damnit. I had really high hopes for this. I sorta liked the first two Mafias but they just fell short and unfortunately, it seems Mafia III falls shy in almost all the same areas. WTF. 🙁

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