Miitopia Receives A Utopic Review From Nintendo Life

The Miis have become another iconic creation by Nintendo and though not on the same level as Mario or Samus or Link, the Miis have certainly captured the hearts of a younger generation.

And what do you do when you’ve got a popular theme? You make various iterations of it, of course, and as Nintendo once created Super Mario RPG, they have now produced Miitopia for Nintendo 3DS.

A lighthearted and “lite” RPG in every sense of both terms, the game caters to both young and older gamers with a whimsical nature. And if you’re wondering how it fares, you should definitely check out the excellent review we found at Nintendo Life. Critic Morgan Sleeper pens a well-constructed and entertaining evaluation that moves well and satisfies any Nintendo (or Mii) fan.

With a solid introduction and a fun approach to the review that reflects the game’s cheerful exterior, this analysis is well worth your time. If you have questions concerning Miitopia, chances are good that all of them will be answered here. So, congrats, Morgan!

This is Morgan’s second nod here at VGRHQ; he was first recognized for his Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past review.

Why We Like It:

The tone of the review reflects the tone of the game, which is essential for any entertainment-based analysis, as far as we’re concerned.

Fast-moving but not at the expense of lack of detail; the result is a well-paced, nicely put-together review that keeps the reader engaged and informed.

— Keeps the verdict for the end, so we get the bird’s-eye view first and then the subjective and objective analysis as the climax, which is the way it’s supposed to be.

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