Nintendo Insider Nails the Twilight Princess HD Review

The Wii classic has become a Wii U gem and it's an absolute must for Zelda fanatics!

The Wii classic has become a Wii U gem and it’s an absolute must for Zelda fanatics!

It’s one of the most iconic and revolutionary names in the history of the industry, so any time “Zelda” ends up in a title, you know it’s going to get lots of attention.

This is true even if the new entry isn’t actually “new,” but rather an updated high-definition remaster of a previous installment. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD has arrived for Wii U and gamers everywhere are salivating at the thought of returning to this wondrously appointed and wildly entertaining world. If you’re wondering how the game stands up over time, you shouldn’t worry too much: According to just about every critic on the face of the planet, it holds up just fine. And it’s still awesome.

Just ask Nintendo Insider critic Alex Seedhouse, who penned an excellent analysis of the upgraded Link adventure. When it comes to reviews of existing games, it’s important to remember that most readers will be looking for a differently structured and detailed evaluation; i.e., they want to know what has changed (if anything), what has improved, if the gameplay holds up over time, etc. This critic understood all that and gave us a very nicely crafted review that answers all the standard HD remaster questions. Well done!

This is Alex’s second honor here at VGRHQ; his first was for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Congrats again!

Why We Like It:

— First and foremost, there’s clearly a love for and expertise of the franchise in question. This really helps when it comes to highly recognizable and beloved IPs.

Starts with a bit of emotional history and then draws us through the details at a solid clip, giving the reader all the necessary info.

— It’s all too easy to just say, “well, the game was great before and it’s still great” without actually explaining much, but this critic doesn’t fall into that trap.

Read Alex Seedhouse’s The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Review Now

4 thoughts on “Nintendo Insider Nails the Twilight Princess HD Review”

I loved Twilight Princess but I’m just not sure I want to play it again…I can’t decide if I think it has aged well or not……

Most reviews say it has aged pretty well. 🙂

Just got this game and yeah, it’s awesome. 🙂

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