Nintendo Life’s DQVII Fragments of the Forgotten Past Review: ‘Tis a Beauty

The classic JRPG is back and better than ever, and Nintendo Life says you can't miss it!

The classic JRPG is back and better than ever, and Nintendo Life says you can’t miss it!

If you own a Nintendo 3DS and you’re a confirmed fan of the admittedly niche JRPG genre, you’ve likely had your eye on a new release: Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past. Well, it isn’t “new,” per se, in that it’s essentially an overhauled version of the DQVII that debuted way back in 2001. It released in Japan in 2013 but never made it to U.S. shores. Now, it has finally arrived in the States and one of our favorite sources, Nintendo Life, says you can’t miss it.

Critic Morgan Sleeper writes up a stellar evaluation of this colorful, nostalgic adventure, and it’s just loaded with great information and detail. Additionally, it’s paced rather well, so despite the intricacy, the reader never feels as if the text drags. We also appreciate the traditional formatting style; i.e., a nice bit of introduction at the start (a necessity when it comes to legendary franchises with a huge amount of history), followed by a knowledgeable and entertaining progression through story, mechanics, setting, etc.

Lastly, we always say critics should pen their reviews with the game’s target audience in mind and this is a perfect example: JRPG fans are likely to love this review, so congrats, Morgan!

Why We Like It:

The critic doesn’t spend too much time with the franchise’s long history; we get just enough to ease us into the review and it acts as a solid foundation for the analysis.

— Though there’s plenty to talk about, we like that much of the review focuses on that which is most important to the classic role-playing fan. You can tell it was obviously written by a fan, which also helps a great deal.

— With plenty of detail concerning the gameplay and story, along with more in-depth analysis, the reader should emerge with virtually zero questions. That’s what we like to call “complete.”

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3 thoughts on “Nintendo Life’s DQVII Fragments of the Forgotten Past Review: ‘Tis a Beauty”

Damnit, I think I need a 3DS. For this and Zelda.

It really pissed me off when DQIX went to Nintendo handhelds only after the greatness that was DQVIII on PS2. 🙁

I got this game and I love it. A million times better than that mess that was Dragon Quest Heroes, that’s for DAMN sure. Every time you mess with a traditional classic, you piss me off…and every time you return to the formula RPG fans have always loved, I rejoice. 😀

Guess I have to get it now. ‘sigh’


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