Nintendo Life’s Metroid Prime: Federation Force Review Shines

The new Metroid Prime installment on 3DS is flawed but retains a few charms.

The new Metroid Prime installment on 3DS is flawed but retains a few charms.

Not everyone is thrilled with the latest Metroid Prime entry. The fact that long-time protagonist Samus Aran is absent makes the game difficult to swallow for many veteran followers, and some reviews complain about a lack of exploration and depth. But one of our favorite reviews is one that is more positive, and not because we care one way or another about the title in question (we don’t play the games; we merely read the reviews), but because we love the approach.

The review at Nintendo Life takes an optimistic yet still objective angle on the game, as critic Goncalo Lopes dives into the experience with gusto. There are other angles to the evaluation as well, such as mentioning the existence of Metroid Prime: Blast Ball as a pre-game tutorial of sorts for many players. Rather than use the review as a soapbox for a personal rant – either positive or negative – this critic does the correct thing and focuses entirely on the product’s merits and flaws.

The end result is a highly readable and enjoyable review, and you will indeed have all the information you need if you’re on the fence about a purchase. Congrats, Goncalo!

Why We Like It:

Doesn’t fall prey to the internet outcry and simply produces a well-structured review. It’s okay to cite the reaction but a critic should never base his review on it.

— In addition to the basics, the critic takes us deeper inside the experience, addressing details we haven’t seen in other reviews and mentioning various intriguing aspects about the gameplay.

An informed, entertaining review that makes us want to read more and learn more. It’s very steady in this way.

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I almost borrowed my brother’s 3DS to play this but I got caught up playing Deus Ex. 😛

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