Our Method

Here at Video Game Review HQ, we love video game reviews. We love reading game reviews.

We kinda have to, because we read lots.

You’re probably wondering: “How does one receive a nod from VGRHQ? What criteria do you use to determine which reviews and critics get recognition?”


Well, we apply a custom method to our selection process-

What We Look For:

1. Of course, we look for quality writing. It’s not just about a great vocabulary and top-notch description, it’s also about engaging the reader. In short, did you write a review that’s professionally produced and interesting to read?

Example: Philip Kollar’s (Polygon) inFamous: Second Son review.

2. Passion. Yes, you must be professional but at the same time, this is entertainment. You should love what you do, and that should be apparent in your analysis, especially if a game relies heavily on fun factor.

Example: Jonathan Lester’s (Dealspwn) Trials Fusion review.

3. We also seek originality and inspired approaches to game reviews. As far as we’re concerned, there’s no one way to construct a video game analysis, so we love it when critics get imaginative. Stand up and make your mark!

Example: Matt Ashbaugh’s (gamrReview) Minecraft Review.

4. We love critics who obviously have something to say, and aren’t afraid to take a stand. They’re unapologetic in their opinions, they’re never wishy-washy or on the fence; they take a hard-line stance and they stick to it. They also have a lot of insights into the world of game reviews, which is why we like to talk to them.

Example: Our interview with DarkZero’s Dominic Sheard.

If you qualify for any one of these criteria, chances are, you’ll be hearing from us eventually. If you think you qualify and haven’t heard from us, maybe it’s just because we haven’t noticed you yet. Remember, there are thousands of people reviewing games out there.

If that’s the case, feel free to drop us a line at criticssayhi[at]vgrhq.com. We’ll be happy to take a look at your work!


In the end, we simply wish to provide game critics with recognition they so richly deserve…and so very rarely receive. Perhaps awards, granted by a qualified panel, will be in our future someday.

And by the way, don’t forget that you gamers have a say in all this, too. Make sure to participate in our Community Corner topics and tell us which sources and critics deserve to be honored.  They might just end up on our constantly growing Honored Sources list.

We won’t rest until all worthy critics receive their just due.