PC Gamer’s XCOM 2 Review is Too Good to Ignore

XCOM 2 is one of those amazing titles that makes you happy to be a PC gamer.

XCOM 2 is one of those amazing titles that makes you happy to be a PC gamer.

If you’re a veteran gamer, you know the name XCOM. And if you were a fan of the original, you’ve been waiting patiently – or perhaps not so patiently, as the case may be – for the long-awaited sequel. Good things come to those who wait, of course, and it seems we’ve been given another insta-classic and an absolute must-play for those who adored the first title, or if they happen to be big fans of turn-based strategy.

There are plenty of excellent reviews floating around but our nod goes to PC Gamer, for their engaging and extremely well-appointed analysis of Firaxis Games‘ latest achievement. Critic Tom Senior drops us directly into the action from the first few sentences, capturing our interest with a blend of atmosphere and gameplay information. As XCOM 2 is undoubtedly a deep and involving experience, it’s important to deliver a tight yet detailed review, and that’s precisely what we get here.

It’s not easy, either. As any critic will tell you, one could write pages and pages on this game. Of course, the good reviewer knows how to present fans with an evaluation that’s both entertaining and informative, and without losing their interest along the way. We get all the details we want from a hardcore gamer perspective; additionally, we get a quality bird’s-eye view of the product.

Congrats, Tom!

Why We Like It:

— These days, people will read about four words at the start of an article, so you have to hook them immediately. This critic obviously understood that.

Nicely balanced throughout; we get a hefty amount of detail appropriate to the genre interspersed with more entertaining and atmospheric writing.

— When you’re done reading, all your pressing questions will have been answered. The hallmark of any great review in any industry.

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I used to love XCOM when I was younger but I’m not sure I could get back into it…

XCOM is always awesome.


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