PlayStation Experience Wasn’t Much Of An Experience

Sony hyped it but most agree that they didn't deliver.

Sony hyped it but most agree that they didn’t deliver.

They called it a “once in a lifetime event” but many gamers agree with the following analysis: The PlayStation Experience didn’t deliver.

For months, Sony hyped the Las Vegas event, promising plenty of great new footage and even a few surprises. And while there were some highlights, even the most hardcore PlayStation followers emerged disappointed. It wasn’t that PlayStation didn’t feel like PlayStation (David Jaffe’s Drawn to Death and the return of King’s Quest were vintage Sony); it was that we weren’t blown away. After the show, we heard about a new God of War leak but…well, underwhelming, to say the least.

It seems Sony really missed a great opportunity to reignite interest in the PlayStation 4. While Sony’s system still holds a significant lead over Microsoft’s Xbox One in the console race, the current perception is that Sony’s advantage is lessening. Their bread and butter – first-party exclusives – just aren’t here, and many said that’s what we needed to see more of at the PlayStation Experience. We already knew about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s EndBloodborne, and The Order: 1886. We’ve known about them for most of the year.

The PlayStation brand could've used a boost, but the PlayStation Experience fell flat.

The PlayStation brand could’ve used a boost, but the PlayStation Experience fell flat.

Where’s the rest? What about that new Gran Turismo we keep hearing about? Is The Last Guardian even a real project anymore? What exactly is Quantic Dream working on, and how come we haven’t heard a peep out of them since seeing The Dark Sorcerer tech demo? Is Guerrilla really working on a role-playing game and if so, why haven’t we heard anything about it? A new God of War would’ve made a huge splash at the event, too, but obviously, Sony isn’t ready to show it off. What were they ready to show off?

Now, all this being said, it’d be unfair to say that the actual content of the show was disappointing. That Uncharted 4 gameplay is pre-alpha footage, which too many people don’t understand (and it looked freakin’ amazing for a pre-alpha build), and Bloodborne really looks fantastic. No Man’s Sky is another hugely promising title that could/should spark more interest in the PlayStation brand. But it seems like Sony’s stranglehold on this new generation is slipping, and they needed the PlayStation Experience to hit big if they didn’t wish to lose their grip.

Going forward, it’ll be very interesting to see if Microsoft and Nintendo can make a bigger dent in the market. Given Sony’s apparent lagging in 2014 when it comes to new games and first-party exclusives, it’s hardly out of the realm of possibility.

6 thoughts on “PlayStation Experience Wasn’t Much Of An Experience”

Unfortunately, I’d have to agree. I was waiting for some crazy huge news and I wasn’t even all that impressed with the footage. I was looking forward to the PlayStation Experience more than E3…..didn’t work out.

I didn’t think it was that bad and I disagree about the content. They showed some GREAT footage. Just because it wasn’t Gran Turismo or God of War doesn’t make it any less great. And hugely creative, btw.

Yeah, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I watched the whole thing and never once went “wow.” I did like the games they showed off though.

You really didn’t say “wow” when they showed off Uncharted 4? What’s wrong with you? 😉

Not “wow” but I was impressed. I mean, I only say “wow” if something totally blows me away. 🙂

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