PlayStation LifeStyle Produces A Smashing Knack 2 Review

When the PlayStation 4 launched, several titles hogged much of the limelight. Perhaps the most anticipated was Killzone: Shadow Fall, but not far behind it was the tech showcase called Knack.

A nifty little title clearly designed to highlight the new system’s vast potential, Knack was unfortunately a mediocre effort that was too light on substance and content; while mildly entertaining for two players, it fell quite flat for one.

So when Sony boss Mark Cerny announced the sequel, you could almost hear the collective groan rise from PlayStation fans around the world. Why did that deserve a sequel? Well, the core concept was great, for one thing, and Cerny and Co. swore they’d make it better.

Did they? Well, now that the sequel has finally arrived, the reviews are rolling in and while Knack 2 isn’t pulling down super high scores, the improvement is obvious. And for perhaps the most informed and well-produced analysis, we suggest you check out PlayStation LifeStyle, where critic Chandler Wood penned a stellar review that encompasses the original’s flagging, the follow-up’s enhancements, and an objective view of the latest effort.

Not only do we get a solid introduction and a well-written and structured evaluation overall, but we also get what most were pining for: An answer to the biggest question, which is exactly how does the sequel improve on the first title, and in what ways does it still fall a little shy? Wood answers this question with info in spades and that’s a big reason why we’ve selected his review.

Congrats, Chandler!

Why We Like It:

— First and foremost, compares the most critical failings of the first game to the improvements in the sequel. 99% of readers are going to want this focus.

Understands the elements and aspects of the original that disappointed gamers most, which is critical. It’s not just about addressing flaws; it’s about knowing which flaws most gamers particularly loathe.

Nicely structured with good pacing, and it’s always a good idea to have labeled breakout sections for both reference and presentation purposes.

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