PlayStation VR Words Gets a Great Summary From NZGamer

This VR sampling has a few highlights but unfortunately, a few low-lights as well.

This VR sampling has a few highlights but unfortunately, a few low-lights as well.

Ah yes, the obligatory introductory compilation that so often accompanies new hardware. It makes sense when the hardware in question is introducing an entirely new method of virtual interaction, as PlayStation VR is reportedly unlike any form of VR we’ve seen before. Therefore, if you’re a proud new owner of Sony’s virtual reality gaming endeavor, you might think it perfectly logical to spring for PlayStation VR Worlds, a seemingly ideal starter collection.

But the reviews are lukewarm at best and one of our favorites, found at NZGamer, nicely illustrates why the effort falls a little short. Critic Keith Milburn writes up an excellent review of the compilation, focusing on its biggest strengths and weaknesses. This is what you want from such an analysis; you needn’t evaluate every single game within the collection. What the reader wants is an effective and informative summary, something that ultimately tells him or her if the array of experiences is worth the cost of admission. Plus, we like the way the review is structured and written.

Congrats, Keith!

Why We Like It:

This is the correct way to tackle a collection review: You should mention everything the compilation has to offer, but you should also focus on the best and worst parts, which is what happens here.

— As opposed to giving the reader trivial details about each game, the critic tells us how well the VR element works in each effort. It’s vastly more important when we’re talking about brand new and untested hardware.

Makes it plain that despite the array of available titles, there’s really only one reason to purchase the collection and while disappointing, it’s a conclusion that really helps the reader come to a decision about the product.

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3 thoughts on “PlayStation VR Words Gets a Great Summary From NZGamer”

I tried it at a friend’s house the other day and I was mildly impressed. I mean the tech is pretty cool and has a ton of potential even if the game weren’t especially impressive. I still don’t want PSVR right now because it has a long ways to go, but at least I can see the starting point.

My problem with it is that it apparently has only one game worth playing. This happens so often with these collections…there’s one title that everyone loves and all the others are “meh.”

Yeah, but Wii Sports had a bunch of good ones. 🙂

This one…I think the tech just isn’t up to snuff yet and VR Worlds is only there to show the potential of PlayStation VR. I’m not sure it’s worth the cost of admission, that’s all.

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