PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Fanboys: Which Annoy You Most?

Each console has its ardent followers, but which group ticks you off most?

Each console has its ardent followers, but which group ticks you off most?

As each new generation arrives, the console wars – aka fanboy wars – kick into high gear.

And each time, it’s different. There wasn’t much of a debate during the PS2 days, for instance, as the Xbox and GameCube really weren’t contenders during that era. But then things changed significantly in the PS3/360/Wii generation, and let’s not forget that PC is always there to throw a wrench into the works.

Speaking of next-gen consoles, though, in looking at those die-hard lovers of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, which one is currently getting on your nerves most often? Which fanboy just really needs to put a sock in it? Of course, one might argue that all fanboys need to shut their loud yaps but then again, such argument is healthy, is it not? More debate, more passion, more sales. We at VGRHQ still believe there’s a very good reason why PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched at about the same time.

The console war has generated quite the passionate debate...

The console war has generated quite the passionate debate…

So, who’s your horse? Are the Nintendo fanboys bugging you with their standard “it’s not kiddie, it’s for everyone!” rhetoric? Are the Xbox lovers annoying you with their constant referrals to a surprisingly decent exclusive lineup? Or is it the Sony fanboys, who seem to be dominating right now, and are crowing about the PS4’s success? Some people will automatically nominate the latter group, just because they’re so darn prevalent right now.

It’s all in good fun, obviously. And we’d like to point out that there is a very large difference between “fanboy” and “fan.” It is possible to be a fan of one particular manufacturer and yet, still have an open mind. Yes, believe it or not, it’s possible. In fact, it’s quite common. We all have opinions and preferences; doesn’t mean we’re “in bed” with any given company. At the same time, one wonders if the rabidly loyal have some bizarre emotional connection to one of these corporations….

Anyway, we’re not going to pick a side in this case; it’s just a topic for discussion. At this point in time, which group of fanboys persist in irritating the hell out of you?

5 thoughts on “PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Fanboys: Which Annoy You Most?”

Wii fanboys as they are generally the least informed.

Right now, it’s the Xbox fanboys that are getting on my nerves the most. They’re the WORST losers on the planet.

I mean, they can’t even accept that right now, Xbox is losing. It’s sad.

Oh, undoubtedly the PC fanboys, which aren’t listed here as a possibility. The elitist level of these idiots is just…ridiculous. And it never changes. They’ve been elitist since the 90s.

Of course, at least then they had a leg to stand on. 😉

PlayStation fanboys right now. I used to call myself a PlayStation fan but these fools are embarrassing me left and right…it’s like the PS4 is the second coming and it hasn’t even DONE anything yet.

Definitely the Ninty kiddies. They act so superior because they think they’re more “mature” by playing games that are obviously for kids. Whatever.

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