Polygon’s Star Ocean 5 Review is a Definite Winner

It has its pluses but chances are, RPG fans will be disappointed.

It has its pluses but chances are, RPG fans will be disappointed.

The JRPG has fallen on tough times. It seems like every new and promising title doesn’t match fan expectations, and many critics and journalists say the sub-genre has simply not advanced at an acceptable clip. In other words, JRPGs are lagging behind the rest of the industry, even if some of the hardcore fans are still plenty pleased with various offerings.

The latest big game in the JRPG category is a game from Tri-Ace and Square Enix: Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. Early reports were encouraging but some sources, like Polygon, aren’t exactly enamored with the new series entry. Critic Philip Kollar says the game “just can’t seem to deliver on any of its promises,” and talks about the under-developed aspects of the experience, from adventuring to combat. Obviously, it’s another JRPG that just doesn’t cut the mustard.

The review is great because it’s highly readable and precisely explains the score behind it. There’s no ambiguity in the text and the reader perfectly understands the critic’s stance from start to finish. It’s not a bad game, just an unimpressive one that, while potentially enjoyable for the die-hard JRPG fanatic, is still full of missed opportunities.

Kollar has received multiple nods here at VGRHQ; his first was for the PlayStation 4 exclusive, inFamous: Second Son.

Why We Like It:

Well-written, and nicely presented and structured. Too many game reviewers have difficulty structuring their analyses, and it’s very noticeable.

— Without being overly subjective (sounding disappointed, whiny, or accusing), the critic pens a professional review of a mediocre product.

Explains exactly why the game is underwhelming and why, despite the obvious potential, the developers don’t quite deliver on the game’s overall promise.

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3 thoughts on “Polygon’s Star Ocean 5 Review is a Definite Winner”

I wish I knew what happened to my JRPGs…this one isn’t any better than I expected, which is bad news because my expectations have fallen a LOT in the past 10 years. 🙁

Yeah, one of fav games ever is Star Ocean: The 2nd Story. Haven’t finished a Star Ocean since then, and that says something.

Eh, I still like it. I think once again critics aren’t giving the JRPG a fair shake. I know the genre has fallen off over the years but for those of us who still love the style, lots of these games are still very fun. 🙂

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