Polygon Writes Up A Badass Tembo Review

Old-school gameplay meets modern visual flash.

Old-school gameplay meets modern visual flash.

The name alone is enough to turn heads: Tembo the Badass Elephant is the latest old-school-style indie platformer that combines nostalgia with an upgraded presentation. One wonders if this is precisely what you get when you combine Dumbo and Rambo; perhaps that was indeed the inspiration behind the bizarre title. At any rate, people might be drawn by the name but they still don’t know much about it, right?

In that case, we imagine individuals will be searching for entertaining, knowledgeable reviews, and we’ve chosen the best one so far: You can find it at Polygon, where critic Philip Kollar produced a stellar review of the title in question. Sometimes echoing the game’s over-the-top cartoon-y tone; other times hunkering down to provide the reader with necessary details, it’s a well-paced, informed analysis that remains highly readable throughout.

Tembo isn’t exactly self-explanatory, so it’s nice to see in-depth evaluations with a healthy dose of fun. After all, if the ultimate goal of any critic is to inform, enlighten, and ultimately recommend (or not), then you should make sure the game’s lighthearted, cheerful visage comes across in your review. Good job, that.

This is Philip’s third honor at VGRHQ; his first was for inFamous: Second Son, and then he was recognized for a dual review for Destiny with colleague Arthur Gies. Polygon is also one of our Honored Sources.

Congrats, Philip!

Why We Like It:

— For a game like this, one really wants to see the benevolent, fun tone in the text of the review, and that’s exactly what we get.

— Rather than just telling, the critic also “showed” with several allusions to his personal experience with the game, something most readers always want to see.

— There’s a nice flow to the writing here, which makes the reader want to finish the review. It’s getting harder and harder to keep people’s attention these days…

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