Polygon’s MLB 17: The Show Review Is A Towering Round-Tripper

This simulator has been delighting hardcore baseball fans for years.

If you’re a die-hard baseball fan, it stands to reason you’re a PlayStation fan. Why? Simply because the best baseball video games in the past decade tend to have “The Show” in the title, and all of them are exclusive to a PlayStation console. Produced by a supremely talented internal Sony studio, these games have delivered the simulation goods for over a decade.

Now, the annual installment has arrived and as usual, it’s another gem. Most critics love it, even if the scores aren’t off the charts. It can be difficult to satisfy the increasingly nitpicky (yeah, we said it, reviewers) cast of game critics with “annualized” games. ¬†It’s easy to play the rehash card; it’s easy to just say it isn’t much more than a “roster update.” And while that has been true in some cases over the years, it has also allowed critics to become a bit lazier in their approach to these yearly sports entries.

But we found an utterly spectacular review of MLB 17: The Show at Polygon. Critic Owen S. Good penned a stellar evaluation that is a blend of a fast-paced Sportscenter¬†highlights recap and an analyst’s insightful deep dive on Baseball Tonight. It masters the difficult balancing act of pacing and intricate detail; logically, when one ramps up, the other starts to falter. This is a great job, though: Readers’ eyes won’t glaze over and they’ll still receive a fully robust, satisfyingly in-depth analysis.

Congrats, Owen!

Why We Like It:

— Simulators require pre-existing knowledge. They just do. And that knowledge and expertise is solidified in the first few paragraphs; they’re also engaging enough to propel the reader into the meat of the review.

— Rather than falling prey to a preset structure (i.e., first we tackle this, then we tackle this), the review moves naturally through a series of well-connected evaluation stages. It reads better this way, and we still get a bird’s-eye view of the product.

The critic obviously cares about baseball and the franchise in question. Without this deep level of interest, reviews of simulations are bound to suffer.

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