Post Arcade Scores With Its Stellar NHL 17 Review

EA Sports has cleaned things up in the new NHL, much to the delight of hockey followers.

EA Sports has cleaned things up in the new NHL, much to the delight of hockey followers.

Another year, another NHL entry. Such a statement holds a certain inherent negativity, in that it sounds repetitive, tired, even annoying. But while annual sports installments in the gaming world can feel like rehashed cash-grabs, there are times when the developers put forth a fair amount of effort in refining and improving the overall experience. Such was the case with this year’s NHL 17, so says our favorite review of the game.

We actually found it in a somewhat unlikely place: The Arcade Post, essentially the section of the Financial Post that deals with video games. Thankfully, it seems we’re past the point of unqualified staff writers for major print publications penning video game reviews because they simply refuse to hire experts. What we get from critic David Yasvinski is a fantastic review that boasts all the information and subjective and objective analysis a fan could hope for, while still retaining great pacing.

This isn’t easy to do with a jam-packed sports production where you could talk about various elements for several paragraphs. Nothing here feels under-represented or overly harped-on and we also get solid comparisons to last year’s NHL effort, which will be of the utmost importance to franchise followers. In short, it’s a professional, well-appointed and entertaining evaluation, and we say kudos.

Congrats, David!

Why We Like It:

— Sports games are massive interactive experiences these days; it requires both writing skill and video game expertise to properly produce an interactive sports review, and that’s precisely what this is.

A great mix of comparisons to NHL 16 and an analysis of the current game’s successes and faults. This allows us to see how the game stacks up to past entries, and also how it stands on its own as a new product.

— Though it’s mostly for sports fanatics, the review doesn’t get bogged down with a lot of boring technical information and intricate hockey detail. It sticks to the important elements that both hardcore and casual gamers will appreciate.

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I sorta miss sports games. I used to play them a lot when I was a kid but these days…I dunno, there are just so many other games out there that I’d rather play. And sports games take up so much TIME today. It’s like all of them are only made for the hardcore.

That’s why I love games like Super Mega Baseball. 😛

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