Prepare Yourselves: The FFVII Remake Will Become Vaporware

It was an incredible announcement but we should accept reality now.

It was an incredible announcement but we should accept reality now.

Now that the excitement of E3 has started to die away, we should probably face up to facts:

You will never see that Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The handwriting has been on the wall for days. Toss in Square Enix’s history over the past seven or eight years, and it seems painfully obvious that this project will never see the light of day. If it does, it won’t be for a while.

There was a time when Square Enix (then Squaresoft) could churn out a new – and amazing – Final Fantasy effort every few years. However, Final Fantasy XV is basically an updated iteration of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which was first announced back in 2006. That’s 9 years, ladies and gentleman. And the game, no matter what it’s called, isn’t here yet. I’d bet good money that you won’t see FFXV this year, either.

We saw no FFVII Remake gameplay at E3, of course, and that reminded us all of when Square Enix unveiled Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Remember that great trailer they showed off? There’s nothing in that E3 presentation that makes anyone think they’ve even started on the significant phases of development. Then, we hear that director Tetsuya Nomura didn’t even know he’d be director. The way he explains it sounds like a total miscommunication within the company, which doesn’t give us the warm and fuzzies.

Nomura is heading up Kingdom Hearts III and we have no idea when that’s coming out; when exactly is he going to find time to work on the Remake? When KHIII is out the door? And how far along will the FFVII PS4 project be at that time? What if we run into another generational transition, like what happened with Sony and The Last Guardian?


Lastly, Square Enix should’ve acknowledged by now that fans around the world have been disappointed with Final Fantasy and this was a way to rejuvenate those fans. The pessimist would see that E3 presentation as nothing more than a marketing tactic to regain positive vibes from their lost fan base, with no real inclination to get the project done. The optimist would see it differently, of course, but how would a realist see it?

Sorry guys, but I don’t think this is going to happen.

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Must be a Xbox only fan posting garbage like this.

If this was 2-3 years ago then maybe you could be right but it seems like drugs got the best of you while you thought up this nonsense so please just do us all a favor and cancel your internet so we dont have to read your junk 🙂

Somebody should cancel YOU so we don’t have to suffer dying brain cells every time you write a post that may or may not be English.

Come on Cloud, what do you expect?

It’s another dumbass loser from N4G who is either 15 years old or a 40-year-old who has the intelligence of a 15-year-old.

Either way, you should know by now that you ignore people who come from that shithole.

Every once in a while I accidentally click on N4G.

Then I have to go take a shower.

Also Nomura LEFT KH3 when he was asked to help make this remake a reality so something you forgot to mention…. KH3 is being done by other people now while he helps make this the best possible remake we have ever come to see.

The fact that you think Nomura will have nothing more to do with Kingdom Hearts 3, HIS game, pretty much proves you’re a moron.

It’s amazing to me that people think they know everything about how development (and big corporations work) based on a 500-word article they read on a blog somewhere.

Of course Nomura will still have to help with the completion of KH3.

Ever notice how stupid people immediately run away when confronted with their own stupidity?

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