PSU Writes Up an Excellent Review for Dear Esther PS4


When Dear Esther first arrived on the scene back in 2008, it was something unique and surreal. It proved the talented narrative creators at The Chinese Room could produce a riveting interactive story without traditional video game elements. And lo and behold, they eventually produced another widely lauded story-driven title, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, which received plenty of acclaim and respect. Now, an updated version of the game that started it all has arrived on PlayStation 4 in the form of the new Landmark Edition.

And if you never played the original, or you’re simply intrigued to see how the title has fared after 8 years, you should check out PSU. Critic John-Paul Jones writes up a stellar evaluation, first giving the reader some important background and then diving into the non-traditional title with enthusiasm and objectivity. It’s important that such experiences be given a deft and poetic analysis, as this reflects – and pays homage to – the aim of the product in question. We should feel the game’s impact through the words of the review, while still getting the necessary technical and mechanical feedback.

And that’s precisely what we get with Jones’ review and why we’re happy to give him the nod. Congrats, John-Paul!

Why We Like It:

Solid writing and effective pacing throughout, ultimately giving the reader a complete and professional overview. Nothing feels superfluous nor has anything been missed/omitted.

— After a proper intro where the critic discusses the game’s origins, we get a complete and well-produced review that focuses on the new product’s pluses and minuses. In other words, he doesn’t spend half the review comparing the update to the original.

A firm understanding of such a game’s goals and aspirations as to how it should affect the player. This results in a great and inspired review, thanks to the text reflecting the nature of the game.

Read John-Paul Jones’ Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Review Now

2 thoughts on “PSU Writes Up an Excellent Review for Dear Esther PS4”

I think I want to play it. I’ve always heard about it over the years but I don’t play on PC…figured if it was good enough, it’d eventually make its way to a PlayStation platform. 😉

It’s definitely worth playing, especially if you liked EGttR, as you said in the other post.

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