PSU’s MLB 14: The Show Review is a Round-Tripper

The latest effort from Sony San Diego is a home run, so says PSU.

The latest effort from Sony San Diego is a home run, so says PSU.

Baseball season is already in full swing (pun intended) but hardcore fans had to wait for the best version of this year’s MLB 14: The Show.

It launched last month for the PS3 and Vita, but Sony San Diego needed a bit more time for the PlayStation 4 version. Now that it’s here, if you’re looking for a proper review of the game, head over to PSU, where Timothy Nunes has you covered.

The Show has been Sony’s flagship baseball franchise for a while now, as just about every new entry has been polished, refined and highly accomplished. However, last year’s installment didn’t meet with the same critical acclaim, so the designers had a lot to prove this year. Furthermore, two more points to consider: 1. It’s exclusive to the PlayStation platform, which means reviewers expect the new game to shine on the PS4, and 2. It’s the first entry for a new generation.

Yes, there’s a lot to think about, but Nunes covered all the bases…okay, we’ll stop with the baseball puns now.

Anyway, great job, Timothy!

This is one hell of a rewarding experience, despite a few irritating quirks.

This is one hell of a rewarding experience, despite a few irritating quirks.

Why We Like It:

— The critic makes an appropriate comparison between the PS4 and PS3 versions. Not only should the PS4 version be better the whole way ’round, let’s not forget that fans had to wait longer, too. Hence, it’s essential that a review include comparisons for the reader’s sake.

— The review emphasizes the overall polish and authenticity of the game, which is a requirement of all games that claim to be simulators. The critic in question never forgets the aim of the designers, and he applauds the achievement of that aim.

— Despite the positives, the reviewer isn’t afraid to point out annoying flaws, such as lengthy load times and a cumbersome online interface. These things do factor into the experience.

Read Timothy Nunes’ MLB 14: The Show Review Now

19 thoughts on “PSU’s MLB 14: The Show Review is a Round-Tripper”

I can’t get into sports games and not because I’m a girl. 😉

There just always seem to be other games I need to be playing.

Last year’s The Show wasn’t as impressive, so I’m happy to hear that Sony stepped it up this year.

I’ll probably pick it up this summer after I’ve caught up on a few games.

How is this considered a good review? It doesn’t discuss the actual gameplay of the title at all. It also leaves out all of the problems that MLB 14: The Show has as well. No mention of the lack of urgency on throws from the OF or when turning double plays. No mention of the baseball clipping through the catcher like he isn’t there when pitching. No mention of balls going through the walls in the OF resulting in a called HR. No mention of some players looking worse than their PlayStation 3 counterpart (think Gran Turismo). No mention of any of the other various game mode problems either.

Where is the awareness for contracts in Franchise/Season mode being completely incorrect? Why no mention that you can trade a RP for Giancarlo Stanton, indicating the trade logic is obviously terrible?

This review is mediocre.

Good thing you’re not reviewing games for a living.

Most of anything you write has never been noted in any review that I’ve read, and the rest is just blatant nitpicking that nobody is going to complain about but you.

One of the reasons I come here is to find reviews that are actually well-written and professional and so far, that’s what I’ve found. All your post proves to me is that while all gamers think they know everything about the review process, most are completely clueless.

I’ve been getting paid to write video game reviews since 2007.

Nobody is going to complain about them but me? It’s a simulation baseball game. The entire point of the franchise mode is to run a simulation franchise with the complications of being a professional manager. Having Mike Trout signed for 5-6 years at 2.5 million per year isn’t a realistic situation. Hell, his contract in real life is worth 144.5 million.

Elvis Andrus signed a new contract LAST YEAR in May. His contract in The Show? 1 year/4.5 million.

Oh, and feel free to check Operation Sports. The largest sports video game website on the internet. It’s full of people tired of the broken trade logic, the lack of urgency in fielding, the analog fielding errors that are a problem, and the list goes on.

A review isn’t “well written and professional” if the reviewer isn’t relaying the problems the game has to his/her readers.

Nobody should be paying you to write any reviews, if you’re bashing a game over the numbers in a salary. It’s about gameplay and let me see…is there a critical problem with MLB 14’s gameplay? When we compare it to other sports games, where does it rank?

Considering everything you’re talking about, NO sports game is any good because none are going to pass your stringent simulator test. A lot of people like the game in question and the vast majority of critics do as well. You don’t even bother to mention any of the pluses about the game, as if it doesn’t have any. How exactly is that a review? You’re doing a disservice to all gamers due to your obscenely anal analysis, most of which 99.9% of gamers won’t give two shits about.

What I’m supposed to assume is that essentially all critics are wrong, right? I mean, that’s basically what you’re saying. Operation Sports is full of people who know sports and clearly don’t know the first thing about video games, because they’re not being even remotely realistic.

People should stick to what they know because that is NOT how you review a video game. Just because it’s a sports game doesn’t mean it has an entirely different set of standards, none of which jive with the rest of the industry. There aren’t even any sports games out there that wouldn’t fail one of your myriad of anal testing.

The review posted here is much better written and understands the GAMING INDUSTRY and that it’s a VIDEO GAME. I’ve also read six or seven other reviews on this game and NONE reference what you’re whining about. I’m assuming you have an explanation for that? I mean, besides the “I’m right and everyone else is wrong” ego trip?

Feel free to look for more. This should demonstrate that my views on the game are not limited to me alone. There are also other threads outside of the “Impressions” thread that discuss some of the other issues I mentioned (like the terrible trade logic).

You can feel free to keep thinking the way you’re thinking, but it isn’t going to make the reality of the situation any less right.

All from the same source. A source full of sports nuts, not gamers.

So yeah, I’ll think that just because you know sports doesn’t automatically make you a video game critic, regardless of the genre.

It also answers my question, which is that all the other critics are wrong and you’re right. Because as I said, I can’t find a review that points out any issues you’re talking about. I’m guessing it’s because while the critics noticed them, they knew the majority of gamers wouldn’t CARE.

Like I said, you must hate all sports game because you’ll find similar “flaws” in every single one. And again, stick to what you know.

You nailed it. A website founded in 1998 and dedicated to covering sports video games only has members that enjoy sports and aren’t gamers.

Good call.

All I see is a bunch of reviews at that site that scream “elitist.” It’s like every review is written to prove how much they know about sports, and doesn’t give a damn about the game itself.

I’m still waiting for an answer to the question, as to why just about every critic on earth thought the game was good.

Jeez, calm down you two. Nobody is going to like every review out there.

I think it’s telling that someone signs up just to bash a review for being honored, but that’s an opinion. As Kazuma said, of the reviews I’ve seen honored thus far at this site, they’ve all been stellar, so I’m inclined to trust the selections at this point.

The person who signed up doesn’t seem to have done any of that, and apparently just wanted to bash the site and the review. That’s an agenda and an unwanted one around here.

Even so, like I said, it’s going to happen a lot, I’m sure, so we should probably just ignore it when it happens.

Where did I bash the site at all? I just think they chose a really terrible review to “honor.” The review is 6-7 paragraphs long and addresses absolutely none of the changes (good or bad), any of the actual gameplay mechanics or gameplay state (good or bad), and is pretty much an overview of what anyone could read from a press release.

These are all terrific reviews that deserve to be on this page more than this mediocre one.

Child of Light:–a-work-of-art-come-to-life

Bound by Flame:–great-action-RPG-potential-in-rough-packaging

Trials Fusion:

You signed up just to say a review selected by a source committed to honoring good reviews is “mediocre.” I call that bashing.

That’s also a review for the PS4 version of the game. Most critics and sources didn’t issue an entirely new review for this version, as it came out over a month after the PS3/Vita versions, and many sources issued a review for those iterations. For instance, GameSpot only added three paragraphs to their PS3 version review.

And it’s not true at all what you’re saying, that PSU’s review doesn’t address any of the actual gameplay mechanics. I mean, that’s just wrong. It sounds like you didn’t even bother to read it. Just because it didn’t go into the detail you and the rest of the sports nuts (Kazuma is right about that) doesn’t make it “mediocre,” nor does it make it right to issue a poor review for what is obviously a good game.

Committing less than 150 words to gameplay for a video game that is supposed to be centered around its gameplay (like every game) isn’t covering the gameplay. It’s everything you can find in a fact sheet for MLB 14: The Show.

And by the way, “Broken,” if you’re so great at spotting worthy reviews, why not contact VGRHQ?

They said in that PSU interview that they’re looking for readers to join the team to help select reviews and critics. If you’ve got so much experience and you think you can do a better job, then do something about it.

I’m past the point in my career where I’d be willing to work for free.

For someone with such hefty experience, I can’t imagine why you don’t just say who you are.

I also don’t know why you don’t simply submit Operation Sports to VGRHQ for consideration as an Honored Source. They’ve honored RPGFan for RPGs and PSU and PSLS for PlayStation; why not a site dedicated to sports?

Makes more sense than anonymously jumping into the comments to bash a selection. And yeah, that’s what you did.

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