Push Square Powers Through An Fantastic Injustice 2 Review

Superheroes never seem to go out of style.

There was a time when superhero stuff was just for kids; the comic books, the cartoons, the video games, etc. But these days, superhero mania has long since swept the nation, and entertainment-seekers of all ages are loving the likes of Marvel and DC. Hence, NetherRealm’s superhero-oriented fighting effort some years back came at JUST the right time.

Now, the team that revived and restored the legendary Mortal Kombat is back with Injustice 2, the anticipated and long-awaited sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us. For one of the more entertaining and well-presented reviews out there, we suggest you turn to Push Square.

There, critic Dan Thompson presents us with an excellent evaluation of the new combat effort. Now, granted, there isn’t often much to talk about in regards to fighting games; by default, the genre isn’t especially deep in terms of factors outside gameplay. That being said, fighting fans can debate for hours (even days) about the mechanics and systems in such games, so they’re hardly “simple” in that regard.

Still, when reading a review, nobody wants to get bogged down in a mess of intricacies and specifics. The goal of a review is to establish overall quality and whether or not the reader should consider a purchase. And that’s exactly what happens here. Thompson gives us a focused yet informed review, which hits the highlights: As a sequel, what has been added (and does it work), how does the story mode turn out, and are the mechanics as good – or better – than ever.

The result is a solid, engaging analysis that gets the job done and tells us everything we need to know. Congrats, Dan!

Why We Like It:

Nicely paced with an even flow, moving through each of the elements without lagging or breaking off into unnecessary tangents.

— Though there’s always a tendency to linger on gameplay mechanics, this review gives us the proper gameplay foundation and understands that fans want to learn for THEMSELVES.

— Comparisons to the original are inevitable but the critic lets this follow-up effort stands on its own, and grades it as such.

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