Push Square’s Bastion Review is Worthy of Recognition

Bastion was a great game four years ago and obviously, it remains great.

Bastion was a great game four years ago and obviously, it remains great.

An award-winning indie hit in 2011, Bastion earned widespread acclaim and respect. Now that it has returned, this time on PlayStation 4, critics once again have reason to applaud. If you missed out when the game first released and you’re the proud owner of Sony’s latest console, you should definitely give Bastion a try. It’s one of those games that seemingly everyone loves, despite the fact that it’s a niche action/RPG that doesn’t exactly scream “mainstream.”

If you’re on the fence at all, we recommend Push Square’s excellent review of this re-release. As Bastion is a wonderfully colorful and engaging production, we were looking for a review that captures this style and presentation. We always say it’s important for a reviewer to reflect the tone of a game in his review, so the player gets an actual feel for the gameplay and atmosphere. That’s what critic Joey Thurmond does in his evaluation; we’re introduced to this highly creative and immersive fantasy world, and we get candid observations mixed with subjective opinion.

It’s a nice blend, and it’s also well-paced and decently written. Without these factors, text reviews either fall apart or become boring to read. In a world increasingly uninterested in reading, it falls to the critic to pen an interesting review. That’s precisely what we get here: An interesting analysis that’s well worth our – and your – time.

Congrats, Joey!

If you're looking for a review that reflects the captivating tone of Bastion, it's right here.

If you’re looking for a review that reflects the captivating tone of Bastion, it’s right here.

Why We Like It:

The introduction to this mesmerizing world of color and intrigue makes us want to read the rest. A lot of critics have taken to ignoring the more artistic sides of games (they often dive right into the gameplay) and as this is a highly visual medium, we consider that a critical mistake.

— We’re seeing a lot of unbalanced reviews these days; i.e., critics spending far too much time on something they deem more important. This is a nicely balanced, well-paced analysis.

— This is a re-release, after all, and the critic acknowledges this by answering the question: “Does it withstand the test of time?” It’s a question many readers will have.

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3 thoughts on “Push Square’s Bastion Review is Worthy of Recognition”

Can I just say…I LOVE THIS GAME! 😀

And that’s a fantastic review. I’ll read more of his stuff in the future.

Oh, this game is a gem. I played it when it first came out and now I’m tempted to play it again.

Very well done review. I like the effort put in to describing the atmosphere and artistic styling.

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