Push Square’s Ghostbusters Review is a Quality Riot

It looks a little like Diablo but sadly, it's no Diablo.

It looks a little like Diablo but sadly, it’s no Diablo.

The Ghostbusters movie has generated a firestorm of controversy in recent months. But gamers were far more interested in the video game offering, which had the potential to be pretty damn good. After all, we’ve seen a few solid Ghostbusters entries in past years, right? And this time, we’d have a chance to play as either male or female characters, and multiplayer was sure to be a blast. …or so we’d hoped.

However, according to an excellent review from Push Square, that’s really not the case. The critics are of one mind on this: The game blows gigantic donkey balls. And it’s always fun reading reviews that trash the product, though some are obviously written with the primary intent of being funny or simply harsh. Here, critic John Cal McCormick pens a review that is both humorous and properly informative.

Sure, it’s funny because bad games kinda deserve to be mocked. But he also tells us precisely why it’s bad, why the developers failed to deliver a solid and enjoyable product, and why even fans of the movies should keep their distance. It’s well-paced and detailed, and it doesn’t reek of negativity and bitterness. Nope, the review is actually fun to read and we learn everything we need to know about this hot mess. 😉

Congrats, John!

Why We Like It:

— Too many critics take great joy in slamming games and it’s glaringly obvious in their writing. In this case, the critic balances disappointment with clear objectivity and analysis, which is great.

A solid introduction coupled with a nicely structured article makes for high engagement. It’s always important to hook ’em and keep ’em hooked.

Explains exactly why the entertainment misses the mark, and focuses on the points that would interest most gamers.

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A friend of mine bought this game for his daughter and she won’t even play it. She likes games but she said it’s the “worst game ever” and wants him to take it back. LOL


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